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Publisher of BDSM-themed erotic novellas by authors such as Rynna Cress and Ty Marton.

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  • My Naughty Neighbors on June 08, 2012

    This is a quick, down-and-dirty read that left me wanting more, in a good way. The story is minimal, just enough to give the sex a fulfilling sense of context without distracting from the action. A young lady named Ashley meets her neighbor Nicole, a jealous, sexually-aggressive woman who invites her over and wastes no time seducing her, all while proclaiming her spiteful hatred of Ashley's good looks. Then, just as a wary, reluctant Ashley is beginning to fall fully under Nicole's dominant spell, Nicole's husband David returns home from work, catches them in the act, and... well, I think you can guess where it goes from there. :) All in all, I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially Nicole's twisted sense of cruelty-inspired dominance. This is clearly a writer with potential, one I'll be keeping my eye on. -Rynna Cress author of "The Instrument," "White Collar," and "Rebecca's Way"