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Angela Penniman lives in Warrensburg, Missouri with her husband and their two daughters. While her husband was stationed on the east coast during his service in the United States Navy, she enjoyed spending time at the beach. The first time she saw the ocean, it marked her heart forever. The lullaby of the waves slicking against the shoreline, the call of the curious seagulls overhead, and the motion of the waves often soothed her while her husband was deployed to war. After talking with other military-associated friends, the idea for this story entered her mind and her heart and did not leave her alone until it became finished. The characters in this book became part of her as she brought them to life.

Angela enjoys spending time with her husband, playing with her daughters (one year and five years), reading anything she can get her hands on (fiction, non-fiction, historical, science fiction…), visiting family, writing short stories and novels, and adding to her R2-D2 collection. (Big Star Wars fan!) She also attends the University of Central Missouri. One day she hopes to find an agent to represent her so she can discover the world of print publishing. Until then, as the ideas keep flowing, her computer will remain open while she lets her fingers fly over the keyboard to create new stories.

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