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Smashwords book reviews by Dan Walsh

  • PeeDee3, Intergalactic, Insectiod Assassin in: Gut Feeling (Season 1, Episode 1) on Sep. 05, 2011

    This series cracks me up. PeeDee3 is an original: a noir/sci-fi/deadpan comedy anti-hero who just happens to not be human. The stories are clever, and you just fly through them. I recently reread two of the stories I bought, and they're just as good on the reread, which is what prompted this review. (I don't review many stories, but these passed the reread test.) Highly recommend it.
  • PeeDee3, Intergalactic Insectiod Assassin in: In Sheep's Clothing (Season 1, Episode 2) on Sep. 05, 2011

    A noir/sci-fi/comedic/insectoid antihero? PeeDee3, where have you been all my life? The PeeDee3 stories are funny, fast-moving, and very entertaining. I don't know where that arsenal comes from, but it's brilliant. I just reread the stories and realized they deserved reviews, even though I rarely review things.