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Smashwords book reviews by appliquetion

  • The Eyes that See - A Prelude to the Balancer Chronicles on May 31, 2011

    Who or what is there to keep all the paranormal nasties (Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosties, Sirens, etc) in the world at check? What stops them from going on a rampage, making front page headlines and causing mass panic throughout human society? In Chris Adonn's story, The Eyes that See, it is a highly evolved and secretive race called the Balancers. A race so secretive that to learn of them means death. The Eyes that See, released in March 2011, is a prelude to Chris Adonn's Balancer Series. Where the supernatural world is watched over by The Eyes that See, an ancient secret society in existence since the 5th century BC; it is their job to watch and document all supernatural beings. Adam Smith a fledgling research member of The Eyes that See, has discovered indisputable proof of a new undocumented supernatural race. Fredrick Bradfield, head of the South African Division and Adam's benefactor has been searching for proof all his life that Balancers actually exists, a supernatural race that keeps the worse of the supernatural creatures from exposing paranormal beings to humankind. Together, Adam and Fredrick enter a world where such knowledge is taboo; dark secrets are exposed threatening the ancient organization with ruin and meet the secret that is required to silence them. Being that the story was a prelude to a larger work of fiction, the book was a fast read; the story line was well written and guided you through the character interaction at a good clip, keeping you involved in the plot of the tale. The lack of descriptive narrative on each of the characters physical forms left the characters half formed, leaving it up to the reader to decide how they looked; there was also a large lack of description of scenery and setting which detracted from the short tale giving it a feel of being unfinished and rushed. Though the character's personalities did come through the way they spoke making it easy to see their quirkiness. The premise of an "immortal policing race" was intriguing enough to keep me reading to the end to see how it all sorted out. I found the ending a bit disappointing considering the ominous over tone of taboo and threat of death weaved through the story; how no one was allowed to be aware of the existence of the Balancers. The manner in which the conflict was resolved at the end was quaint and extremely anti-climatic. But considering that this was a prelude to a greater work and the storyline interests me I will crack the cover of Legacy - Book One of the Balancer Chronicles, in hopes that Chris Adonn has put a bit more time in character development and Scenery description.
  • Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide on June 15, 2011

    Jill Homer brings the world alive in her book "Be Brave, Be strong: A journey Across the Great Divide" by using an amazing talent for describing her world of mountain bike racing through a poetic use of words. We are invited to join Jill as she relates the roller coaster of events that occurred to her as she follows her dream to racing 2,740 miles from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide. She gives us a unique view into her views on the people around her and shows us the internal ticking of her mind that strove her forward to a new life perspective at the end of her journey. I found Jill's view of the world interesting to read, though a couple times I paused thinking she was harsh in the way she judged people, but then I think we all do that. I came to admire her strengths as a person and learned a bit about myself and the world of bike racing as I read her story. I don't think a person couldn't like this tale if they enjoy reading of the experiences of another.