I'm your average gal, who since a riding accident followed by a car accident, finds herself spending many days in bed which means I have more time to read than ever before! Mom was a libraian, english & literature teacher along with history & government when she could get those subjects from the men - lol! My best memories are of her creating the school libraries for every elementary school (3) in the small town in Ohio we moved to when I was 7. Our dining room was overflowing with books for almost 2 years as she ordered & cataloged every book by hand. This was in the 60's so nothing was automated! She created stacks of "must read", "should read" & "fun read" for myself and my brother. Since the town we lived in didn't have a library yet it was heaven! I wrote about this part as a tribute to my mother & because it took me til I was in my mid twenties to realize what a special childhood I had. Ha! I could write so much more... but mainly I love to read and really love finding a new writer whose books I like. No facebook, twitter, myspace just a plain vanilla email gal. Guess that's a hint I'm older & lazier than the average user...


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  • Seeing Things on June 25, 2011

    Just loved it! Read it in sitting - couldn't stop! I would of happily bought this in a bookstore. Will be reading Treemaker later tonight! Great characters you really wish you knew. Enjoy the whole group of "otherworlds". Hope this is a series you keep going. Happy I found a new writer to follow!!!
  • Treemaker on June 26, 2011

    As the 2nd book and a continuce to "Seeing Things" I loved every bit of it. Kit was tried and faced with more challenges than she would ever dream. Rising to face everything thrown her way, she learned some hard lessons by not thinking how her gut instinct answers would have her beholden to others as well as learning that no matter how hard she tried, sometimes it just wasn't enough. That's not to say this is a sad book - it's far from that - full of surprise & unbelieveable adventure. At this point I really really want to read the final book of this awesome trilogy
  • Vampires Drool! Zombies Rule! A YA Paranormal Novel on July 02, 2011

    Really interesting story! New take on the Zombie - Vampire theme that was fun and fresh. Not a YA anymore (too bad for me!) but was still completely into the story line. Someone else mentioned a sequel...yeah I'd enjoy that too! Glad to read that your books will be published. Well deserved and congratulations Mr. Fischer!!!
  • Save My Soul (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Book 2) on July 03, 2011

    I truely enjoyed this book and it does stand very well on it's own as this is my first Zoe Winters book. What can I say about the plot & story line that hasn't already been said?!? The ending... suspected, rejected, and was shocked as it fit perfectly in a way I could not of imagined! I loved the "girls" they were a great addition to the story & so very clever & brave on Anna's part as well as just plain fun. Boy! Did they ever think they had died and gone to Heaven, Ha! All in all it was a fun, twisty, and oh so enjoyable read. Glad I found you Zoe Winters!!
  • Queen of the Freaks on Dec. 15, 2011

    This was an enjoyable modern day fairy tale with all the components of all the traditional fairy tales mixed in as well as some vampires! For such a mix it works very well!! I'm just waiting for the sequel as this was a cliffhanger. You are far enough into the story that you're thinking; "Wow! Now what?" when you find yourself at the end!! Hope Ms. Anderson is busy writing either the continuing story or the seqeul as I write this!!!
  • Taming the Vampire on Dec. 17, 2011

    This is a fun, sweet, sexy novella about a vampire and mostly human girl with just enough fae blood to be a warrior. Enjoyed it in one sitting and wished it was longer! Hate a good story to end... Ms. Hart has followed this up with another good story with characters from this one, it too is an excellent read. This is the first in a series to come called Blood and Absinthe. I do hope she writes more about Liz and Jack in the books to follow. If you like this genre you certainly want to read all the books in this series!!
  • Bound by the Vampire on Dec. 28, 2011

    Just as with the first story in this new series I enjoyed it completely. Interesting story line between the vamps and the green fae and the possible impact Celia could cause the vampires. She doesn't realize the impact yet and you wonder what she will do once she does. This is a true cliffhanger. We are just left with no idea what is going to happen next. I know I'm hooked and will wait anxiously for the rest of the story. I always prefer novels because I hate a good book to end, but will take a novella to get to the bottom of this episode in the Blood and Absinthe series!! This is a series that should go mainstream!!!