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Smashwords book reviews by Kendra Stamy

  • Vanished on June 16, 2012

    “Vanished” is definitely a suspense novel in my book. From the very first page, where a young family is forced to leave their little home and go with kidnappers at gun point, I was hooked. Brian Strait and Andrea Wilton both arrive at their friend’s house around the same time, and are very concerned at the disheveled look of the ordinarily tidy little house and the very apparent absence of it’s occupants.When a neighbor is murdered, a house burns to the ground and the police seem to be of no help, Brian and Andrea take matters into their own hands. Following a clue from the murdered neighbor, they pack up and head to Haiti. A land of voodoo and the absence of a savior. The discovery that people are disappearing from there as well, tell them they are on the right track. How will Brian and Andrea find their friends? Are they even still alive? How about the fact that Brian and Andrea themselves are being watched constantly? Both Brian and Andrea try to live by WWJD -What Would Jesus Do? and are convinced that He would not carry a fire arm or any sort of dangerous weapon, and yet their own lives are in danger. As they search for clues and struggle to make sense of what they are learning, Brian and Andrea find themselves relying more than ever on the Lord for strength and protection. While their relationship with each other goes from years of mutual dislike to a new-found respect and friendship. I was certainly sorry to reach the last page, as I felt the story wasn’t complete and there were parts that I felt weren’t wrapped up quite the way I wanted them to be. However, the good news is book two, Presumed Dead is available and I am looking forward to it.
  • Presumed Dead on Aug. 06, 2012

    Like Vanished, Presumed Dead starts out by jumping right into the mystery. Hooking me and pulling me in until the last word. In this book Brian and Andrea have started their business as detectives to find lost/missing persons. Their adventure takes them into the world of bikers and drugs. When the missing man shows up dead, it seems their job is complete, but the trail of a missing girl leads them right back into the thick of things. Brian and Andrea's relationship has advanced past, that of friendship and I really appreciate how Brian treats Andrea and the purity they both desire in their relationship. I would give this book 4 stars. I like the characters and the story line, and for the most part I could relate to the characters. In a few cases though things seemed to "easy", like I don't really think it would be that easy in real life. And there were a number of spelling/grammatical errors in the kindle version. I don't hold that against the author though, assuming that to be the fault of the editor.