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  • Love Has Its Ups and Downs on Aug. 21, 2012

    Bonnie Rice provides a valuable service to spouses and partners of individuals suffering from bipolar disorder. She is not only an excellent writer but also a strong woman, wife and mother. Although she's not a mental health professional, Bonnie has acquired her expertise through years of experience, research and working with both mental health professionals and support groups. I especially liked Bonnie's emphasis on boundaries and safety as a priority in relationships involving bipolar disorder. Somehow, despite the multiple sources of stress in Bonnie's life, she retains a sense of humor and willingness to reach out and help others. I highly recommend this book to anyone in a relationship with someone with bipolar disorder. If a significant other hasn't been (or refuses to be) professionally diagnosed or treated, it could still help to read this book to better understand this often baffling disorder. Carol Horan, M.A., L.M.F.T.