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History is a passion. Telling stories about those who lived before is a passion.

I am a grandmother who wants my grandchildren to learn about our past so they can understand their future.

I have traveled the world. In a past life, I lived in Scotland.

Now I live in California. Visit my website, and contact me.

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The Fox
Price: Free! Words: 129,300. Language: English. Published: July 26, 2009. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Historical » General
(4.75 from 8 reviews)
The Fox is a captivating, fascinating historical romance about ancient and modern people, their traditions, beliefs, customs, and culture.It paints a word picture rich in breath-taking scenery and unique characters.It's a powerful love story full of passion, courage,and tragedy.The Fox shows why it is important to know and appreciate the sacrifices and challenges of the past to live well in today.

Smashwords book reviews by Arlene Radasky

  • Hilda the Wicked Witch on Aug. 07, 2010

    Grimhilda or Hilda to her friends is not a nice witch. In fact, she is a wicked witch. She belongs in a land where magic is common and fairies are seen flitting by on their daily chores. Hilda is used to having things go her way, She is in the middle of doing what she is expected to do when a chance slapping of a book page in our world and the release of energy from her wand in hers, causes a shift in the paradigm. She did not ask to be transported to our world and set against the odds of being understood by humans. But she does her best to survive and return to the land from whence she came. Paul has done a good job of portraying a trapped witch. I could feel her confusion and understand why she turned people into frogs without guilt. I knew from his portrayal of her that it was a normal thing for her to do in her world. We might see her as spoiled, throwing a temper-tantrum if she did not get what she wanted immediately, but she was not used to waiting for her desires to be fulfilled. Paul allows Hilda to have just enough magic with her to use the common things around her and create what she needs to find her way back to her world, but she also has to overcome several difficulties, such as a motorcycle gang. He also wants the reader to understand that she could be nice if she felt she was being treated fairly. She has respect for knowledge and truth and in the end, is helped by someone who respects her and her magic. I enjoyed Hilda, it was cute and light, a fairytale in today's world of vampires and zombies. I was rooting for her. I do still wonder if the people she used her magic on were released after a time. I hate to think that poor man is still a frog. However, there is strong language throughout. I would rate it PG13. Also, there are a few rare stumbles in wording but I am in awe of Paul's command of our English language as this is not his mother tongue. All in all, a fun read and I hope to see more of Hilda here on Smashwords.
  • Clear Heart on Oct. 16, 2010

    Clear Heart by Joe Cottonwood, is a story about life. Just that, life. There are no car chases or gunfights or deadly diseases, although there is one race with death that had me praying for a positive outcome. Wally, a building contractor is just existing, each day a struggle to overcome the death of his wife as well as her betrayal. His highest hope is to create a house that is as close to perfect as possible for an impossible client, while his own life and home are in chaos. His best friend, Juke, is a misfit with no responsibilities and seemingly no cares except to do his best work for his boss, Wally. A fateful accident introduces Opal, the force that causes a catharsis, the healing and growing that takes place in this tale of life. Abe, Opal's son, an immature high school grad who was accepted into Princeton until he pulled a trick on the wrong man. And last but not least is Frog Girl, Amanda, a pregnant, seventeen-year-old run away. Throw all these personalities into a pot and stir, add a few side characters for spice and the race to finish the perfect house as the fire. Let it stew. With these ingredients, it simmers, boils, and simmers again. Just like life. As a member of the audience, allowed a peak into the life of these people, you are shown all the imperfections of Wally and watch as he was able to say good bye to his wife and fall in love again. Watch as Opal realizes she does not need the perfect man, a banker or lawyer for a partner. Watch as Abe and Juke both mature into men who, after being tossed around the water, floundering a bit, learn to grab hold of life and realize what is important. Watch as Frog Girl discovers the mystery and bonds with her unborn baby and makes better and stronger decisions as her life continues. There were times I did not like the characters, just as in real-life. Some decisions were made that would not be the decisions I would have made, but usually, after some learning and searching, things got back on course again. I did not like Opal very much, all the way through. I thought she learned the least and did not really understand the minor miracle that was happening in her life. But that is just like real-life, too. Joe Cottonwood has either been a carpenter or done incredible research. The details are sometimes overwhelming, but embellish the story and add a "scent" (I could smell as well as feel the redwood). All in all, when I finally got the very end and looked back, I was amazed at the depth of this book. A story does not always need a car chase to be an excellent tale. I really liked Clear Heart.
  • My Last Day on March 12, 2011

    Dan takes what could be a very futuristic and techno-filled world yet keeps it just filled enough with human contact to keep the reader engaged. A law enforcement vs criminal caper using flying cars, jet boots and packs, surgery enhanced eyes as well as fists. All this is packed into a compact short story that never strays from its goal, the capture of the reader and the criminal. There is even a surprise ending. Needed just a bit if editing to capture a few mistakes so it gets four stars. Good job.
  • All I Want For Christmas is a V.R. Supercube on March 12, 2011

    Okay, so I am a syrupy sweet mom. I loved this story. I knew how it was going to end. Hey, it's a Christmas story for crying out loud! But Dan has put the reader right in the world of the elementary school world of a nerd and a bully. His language and descriptions put me right into the scenes. Needed a bit of editing, so four stars. Merry Christmas!
  • The Last Butterscotch on March 12, 2011

    Dan is a master at putting us into the world of a small boy, and he also does a good job portraying adults as parents. This is a story of a farm family with a twist. I kept waiting for it to turn dark but it is a light, very imaginative story that would be good to read to my grandsons. I smiled while reading it. Good job, Dan.
  • Helsa's Secrect Ingredient on March 12, 2011

    This story took me to castle gates and a cave, both very well described. We are introduced, through very good descriptions, to a wife and husband who have a problem and her uncle who has the answer. I was very engrossed in the story, wanted to know more about the magic powder an its powers. Dan did a good job of hooking me. I felt I was left hanging though. The ending seemed a bit anticlimactic after such a good beginning and middle. I wanted more. Maybe another chapter? Good job, Dan.
  • Old Friends on March 28, 2011

    What would you do to rescue a friend from what could be his certain death? If you have family who love and care for you and you for them, the decision would most likely be that you would wish the friend the best and go on with your day. Say however, that you have no family. No one to go to with all your worries and cares except this friend. And this friend did the same with you. You both started to consider each other your family, maybe even loved each other in a way. Then the decision most likely would be to help in any way you could. That is where Dmitri and Poitr have found themselves. Does it matter that one is a Vampire and one a Werewolf? I think not. This decision does not even require much thought, self control in the execution, yes, but the rescue will happen. Well written and entertaining.
  • Fetch on March 28, 2011

    "The Twin I never had…." This was how Scott started our journey into the darkness of demons. After the death of a friend, we follow a priest, Father Ian, who was destined to try to fight his own way back into the world of love and light. It is a battle with possession, a battle with guilt, a battle with loss of confidence, and a battle with the loss of the recognition of important positive people and events in our lives. We tilt back and forth in this battle from darkness to light, each of us, hoping to weigh the scale just a bit more to the side of the light. Is the demon real or is he something in our mind that we must fight every day? What ever the battle, Scott reminds us to look at the love and light around us to win, to be victorious in even small battles, and conquer the largest demons in the constant war within ourselves. Very well done. Inspiring.
  • Power in the Blood on March 28, 2011

    We all go through puberty. Our bodies change in mysterious ways. This is story about a change that was not normal, or whatever we choose to call normal. The change that Reggie was going through was one of these not so normal changes. But what was he supposed to do about it? Accept it and live with it is what I am imagining his mother would say. Well, that is until she realized just what he was changing into. Then she might take Reggie to the doctor… or somewhere. But Reggie did change, and this is a story told through the words and emotions of a boy turning into a …I almost said man, but I don't know what it was really…. Very well written and entertaining.
  • Bitter Release on March 28, 2011

    We are taken to World War Two. We are in a gritty, stench of death filled trench with Will Thompson. All his friends, his mates, men he fought so long and valiantly with are dead around him. He is the last one. How does he rescue himself, how does he get out? Only the fairies know, the green fairy who awaits him. I was transported to not only the trench through Scott's words, but also into Will's mind and his last thoughts of release. Excellent short story.
  • Bitter Release on March 28, 2011
    (no rating)
    There are other critiques for Scott's stories, and some say he needs to add more to the story. He could, but this is approx 3000 words, the length some stories need to be for certain situations. It has a good beginning, middle and solving the problem ending. The MC was passive, he had just lived through everyone around him dying. He was tired and just wanted a place to sleep safely. There he found solace and release in drink. I liked it!
  • Evil Takes Flight on May 16, 2011

    I love crows but this one was the exception. This story needs a bit more loving attention and it would be a great nightmare giver....
  • The Little Dragons on Sep. 26, 2011
    (no rating)
    Let me gush here for a few moments. I dove into this book, not knowing what to expect but was thoroughly enchanted and delighted. It is a well-crafted world of fantasy; man-eating dragons, little dragons, unfaithful kings, banished queens and princesses, Earth people, King's men, witch healers, and Little Dragon Keepers all trying to survive in a very believable world. Of course there are problems, and even wars between Humans and dragons, but the creative way this author has her characters overcome them makes a very good story. It is a large cast of characters, and though I usually do not like trying to keep track of many, I grew attached to all of them in this story, even Mother Peg, the cantankerous old healer. I never felt a thread or plot was left undone, each character had a place in the end and I could see the end of many problems with the dawn of the next day, when the book ended. When you enter this world, you enter knowing that all love is accepted here but NEVER will you be preached to or will it ever become graphic, just accepted, as I think it should be. As a well-written story should, it got under my skin. I laughed, gasped in surprise, cheered on and cried. It will be in my mind for a very long time. I wanted it to continue on and on. It is a wonderful world to fantasize about and I hope to see the giant and little dragons myself someday.
  • Bullets and Tears on Feb. 10, 2012

    Bullets and Tears brought a vision of some countries in Africa or any other country that has been at war with itself for too long. It encompasses the final act of desperation of a cruel master, that of enslaving children and teaching them to kill. Dan has used his skills to bring rescue to a few of these children in this story. It is a moral tale, about acts I pray would be forever forbidden and the sigh of rescue.