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  • Words Like Forever on June 12, 2012

    Chick Lit? What the hell is Chick Lit?? I don't know, but I like this book. My first read was cursory. I only wanted the gist of the story and its characters. Fine, got it, not my genre, but the prose is strikingly poignant, often elegant and delicate, peppered with juvenile antics (Chick Lit?) and poetic. Okay, worthy of a second read. I got up early the next day, brewed a pot of coffee, and settled in: Many of the main characters are introduced right away via scenes and dialogue that will surely resonate with the reader. Brilliant. Dante, the lead character, presents as an incredibly self-absorbed, brash, and largely aimless twenty-something year old with few ambitions outside of getting laid (hey, it's a good life if you can live it!). But don't be fooled., she is much more than these descriptors. I liked her in the beginning, and loved her in the end. You might too. The supporting characters are interesting with complimentary challenges of their own. I especially like the men in Dante's life. She relies on them quite a bit, and why not? They are warm, smart, funny, and invested in her well-being. We should all be so lucky. Kat, on the other hand, the love interest in the story, is underdeveloped for me. I'm simply not given enough background information to understand the depth of relationship between her and Dante. Their relationship feels too safe, too timid, almost estranged. I want much more tenderness between them. I want, I want, well, just more. I mean, its peppered throughout the story, but she IS the story. And, who is she? Maybe in the next book? I hope so. Finally, your impulse might be to read through this book quickly, but don't do it! Slow down, find a comfy place, snuggle up, and meld into the well-written dialogue and poetic prose. Brew some coffee, or pour some wine, and savor the conversation(s). This is the heart and soul of the book. This is where you will find Dante. Happy Reading!!