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  • Underneath on June 17, 2012

    If you want to read a book that you won't be able to put down until it's finished then you need to buy this. The characters are actually interesting, they're funny, serious, relentless; you'll love them, you'll hate them, you'll feel sorry for them, the observational comedy blends in well with the story and the suspense will make you cringe at the possibility of what'll happen next. For a first offering (for a novel) by an aspiring professional writer this is very well written and think the price tag is well worth it for the content inside.
  • Satan: Little League Superstar on Jan. 20, 2013

    One would think I am here because the author himself paid me to write this but you would be wrong; I'm here because he asked me to review it for free. Normally I'd have said no but this is Tim Boyle we're talking about here! And I expect him to give my first novel a glowing review when that is eventually released. I digress, I've been a fan of Tim's writing for awhile now so when he released his first novel I jumped at the chance to get my (free) copy of it and read through it. As expected his unique brand of humour is imprinted through out this book making it an enjoyable read. I went into this not knowing anything whatsoever about Baseball and I can safely say I know a little bit more than I did beforehand. Anyone that can make Satan a lovable character deserves high marks from anyone as he eventually turns his misfit teammates into super powered misfit teammates trying to win a little league Baseball championship. For a first offering this book is brilliant; he certainly has a talent as a comedic writer and I look forward to many more stories that will be created from the twisted mind of Tim Boyle. Buy it and be thoroughly entertained.
  • Satan: Little League Superstar on Jan. 20, 2013
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