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  • Sometimes Love Isn't Enough on Sep. 24, 2012

    Overall I liked the book, but I think that you had a lot of ideas that you wanted to get out and that to me made the book feel a little rushed, and in my opinion lose realistic credibility like the whole beating section and in particular the rape you don't get raped one day then have sex with someone the next day and then sex with a different someone the day after that especially if it was supposed to be this big traumatic event, which is how you were building it to be then you totally went left and made seem like bussiness as normal for this person. I think you should take more time with the events in your characters lives all these traumatic events that would take a normal person weeks if not months or years to recover from or even start the process are healed within a couple days or a week and that messed up the book for me other than that I loved where you are trying to take this series.