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I have been 'Book Reviewer' for many years and simply love it. Now, I am on board with Net Gallery, NOR and for many authors who request a honest review from me regarding there novel. In all my reading I try to find something that is good and would be appealing to the next reader, however, I do give my honest opinion of the read. Are all my read excellent reads?.. NO, but I am able most of the time to find something that I like from that author's read to pass onto the reader. I have a blog page that I have over 2000 reviews from wonderful novels that I have read over many years. From this list I have met some wonderful authors and all I can say is that I have read some of it all. Being the avid reader that I am it simply amazes me what a author will come up with. I love the way they are able to put it on paper presenting it to the reader. My favorite reads are mostly romance but I do love to read some of it all as you will see if you check my blog page.

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  • Music of the Gods on Feb. 25, 2012

    Music of the Gods By Richard Schiver was really rich and definitely a good read. That thought of be careful what you ask...really applies here in this story...I agree with the Ebook often we don't realize what we have until we've lost it! I am sure that will be your thoughts after this read. Good job! I really enjoyed this quick and well written novel.
  • The Jinson Twins, Science Detectives, and The Mystery of Echo Lake on Feb. 26, 2012

    This was a wonderful story. I enjoyed it from the start till the end. I believe any young person as well as an adult would like this read!
  • Catch on Feb. 26, 2012

    This was indeed a wonderful read. I enjoyed it!
  • For the Sake of Amelia - Tormented on March 10, 2012
    (no rating)
    I really enjoyed "For the Sake of Amelia-Tormented" By Valerie Bowen. Truly Ms. Bowen loves having excitement and supsense in her book. This novel was definitley a page-tuner. The characters were very good in this novel: Amelia, Ray, Tracy, Mark, Kyle and Mr. Ben Sullivan only to name a few. I found the book a real page turner.. wanting to know just what happened to Amelia? Will Kyle and Amelia ever be together? I guess we will have to get the next novel to find out!
  • Faerie Wishes on March 21, 2012
    (no rating)
    Review: "Faerie Wishes" by Valerie Bowen was a cute and sweet romantic fantasy read. I really enjoyed this storytelling by Ms. Bowen. Talia Saturnfrost was a fae and had dreams of living among the humans....becoming a human. After Talia meets and falls in love with Cayden (who was a human) she decides that this is what she wants and that is to leave her forest home and live with the human...Cayden. Her best friend Juniper was not for her doing this...but Talia had her own ideas on this matter and she wanted this dream to become a reality for her. So,just how this all turns out you will have to pick up this novel. But I will let you know that sometimes what you ask for may not be the best of in this story. Sometimes some wishes can even almost kill you. The characters in this story were outstanding.. For there was Tailia, Cayden, Juniper, Deaghan, Thorn, Arielle, Haleigh and Samuel. The author did a wonderful job in her storytelling of "Faerie Wishes." There were some twist and turns that were interesting... especially toward the end. Will Talia and Cayden live happy ever after or will there be someone who will comes into this story and presents issues between them? Again you will have to read and find out for yourself. It will be worth the read to find out just how this 'wish' does turn out. "Faerie Wishes" was a short, sweet fantasy romance that I did enjoy and I think if you are into fantasy you will like this good read.
  • After Dinner Mint & Other Stories on April 08, 2012

    After Dinner Mint & Other Stores by Amanda Lawerence Aluverigne was of five short stories with each ending very strangely or differently than what you would have thought would have happened. Each of these stories were definitely eye catcher using vivid imagination .... leaving you sometime breathless to finish the read..... and to say I didn't or did see that coming. These were a good short read.
  • Have a Nice Weekend on April 24, 2012

    Author: Ian Ellis Published By: Night Publishing, Smashwords Edition Age Recommend: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 our of 5 Blog Review For: Librarything Review: "Have a Nice Weekend" by Ian Ellis was indeed an interesting realistic fiction read definitely from the male viewpoint. This novel is a very emotional excursion and the wows of this marriage of Will and Abi. Just who was right and or wrong in this union will have one really why do we left things get to this situation? In this novel be ready for some humor, and much sadness. The characters were really off the chart...Mr. Petal..the racist and then his best friend Andy...who ended up with ? Will who was generally a lonely person...quirky''..had a boring job that he hated...And then there is Abi... Will's wife....always wanting more out of life..than Will wanted. He just wants a simple life....There is a dinner party that was so funny that you will only have to read "Have a Nice Weekend" to check it out! After reading and thinking about this novel it is one that can be related to in more ways that one. I saw that it wasn't very easy not to take sides of these two people. You could see that the D word was definitely in the making. You will ask yourself just how could this have happen...even after being warned. I especially enjoyed the ending in that Will finally makes some progress in dealing with a divorce, his children, Andy and looking forward to changing his life for the better. The author did a fantastic and wonderful job with this novel going from the past to the present keeping the reader wanting to know what was to come next. For anyone who has loved and lost this good read "Have A Nice Weekend" would be for you.
  • Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 1) on April 25, 2012

    Author: A.D. Koboah Published By: Berkley Age Recommend: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Raven Rating: 5 Blog Review For: Librarything Review: "Dark Genesis" by A.D. Koboah was indeed a interesting read for me. I am a African American and I am very careful of my reads with any 'slaves' however, the book cover caught my attention and I thought I would see just what "Dark Genesis" was about. This novel dealt with the story of Luna who was a beautiful slave with supernatural powers...having the gift of the second site, that had been through so much....taken from her mom, then be served up to two masters (Henry & John) then taken away by Avery (demon). This was very appealing to see this love affair blossom with Luna and this demon who had suffered for so long.... but he could read her thoughts...then he leaves and Luna goes and looks for him...and found him by the lake..was she falling in lovewith Avery... a 'walking aberration.' Teaching her to read, rid Julia (horse) and shoot a gun. Oh my what a story!....Avery left her with a gold chain, farmhouse and even ...Dembi,,,,now you will have to pick up this novel ..."Dark Genesis" and get all of this well written story. The characters were a real lively group ....Luna, Jupiter(Dembi), Father Geoffrey, Mama Akosua, Ebenezer, Mr.Walker, Matthew, Zila, and Avery, Lina... and a few others I have left out. The author really knew how to keep the reader interested in the read because each chapter got even more engaging in its twist and many turns. After reading "Dark Genesis" I thought it was a novel that I could recommend as a good read.
  • 59 Hours on Aug. 05, 2012

    Author: R.E. Schobernd Published By: R.E. Schobernd at Swashwords Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 5 Blog For: GMTA Review: "59 Hours by R. E. Schobernd was a good short thriller that left you saying "OMG" I did not see that coming. I read this very fast definitely not putting this one down until the end (25 minutes). For Frances...all she wanted to love... from her mother and then seems like Frances thought she had found someone to care about her after leaving her mothers place...after showing up at her cousin's (Mikey) place...where he wasn't present but there was Michael Smith (a friend of Mikey) who was showing Frances love and kindness...only was this for real? Now, this is the time that I say you must pick up "59 Hours" to find out just what is going on. Has Frances found love and how does murder and bank robbing fix into all of this? I like the way the author presented this short story because it really turned out differently from my thought pattern and that ending...Wow! For a quick short thriller I would recommend "59 Hours" to you as a good read.
  • Dance Me To The End Of Time on Aug. 09, 2012

    This was a beautiful imaginative, sensual dance that will go on till the end of time. This author wrote this short story in a very interesting way ... the storyline will certainly "Dance Me To The End of Time" for some time.
  • The Crush on Jan. 18, 2013

    Author: Tracy James Jones Published By: Smashwords Age Recommended: YA-Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 5 Review: This was a beautifully written read by Tracy James Jones that only 'she' can give to us the reader. "The Crush" can only be summed up by the one word for me ....'TOUCH' that started at a early childhood age and is still there through HS and even now at the 10 year class reunion. These were definitely awesome feelings of a 'lifetime' never to be forgotten. I was able to relate to this short story that made me even think back to that time in my own life. "The Crush" was such a sweet short story that has been very well told in just a few words by a amazing author Tracy James Jones... Thank you!
  • BFF and the Secret Santa on May 21, 2013

    By: Amanda Lawrence Auverigne Published By: A.L.A Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 Review: "BBF and the Secret Santa by Amanda L. Auverigne was interesting read with intriguing and captivating characters. We find that Lydia has just ended a relationship with Lucas and even the betrayal of someone she had called a friend. Lydia with much help from her 'best friends' is able to 'make it through tough times and wow... what surprises came from it. There will be many twist from the read with emotions simply off the chart. It is easy to get lost in the read because there seems to be a lots going on with her best friends...Karen and Amber. This will be a journey of Lydia 'through the life of college and growing up.'Be ready for a novel that starts slowly will pick up and give the reader a unexpected twist that will leave you saying wow...really? To get the real picture to what all is going on in the read you must pick up "BFF and the Secret Santa" to find out where the author will take you to the end and you may be surprised because I was! If you are looking for a good fantasy with some horror and romance you have come to the right place and I would recommend this read for you.
  • Phantasy on Nov. 23, 2013

    Title: Phantasy Author: Marlowe Sr. Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 Review: "Phantasy" by Marlowe Sr was some read of realism or illusion...oh it's just a fantasy. Wow what a interesting read that his author has put together for the reader and it's in first person. It was quite interesting how the main character begins to write and creates a fantasy world after being dumped by his girlfriend. ... creating a destructive powerful monster that can only be defeated my using some sort of 'supernatural powers.' This author really worked his magic with such creativity with bringing to the reader a unique read of 'heart and soul' with a 'vivid imagination. There will be some parts of the book ...well some difficult words and it was good to see the author did give the reader a glossary with some notes to help understand "Phantasy." I found that the characters were well defined and well rounded only giving the reader a interesting fantasy read. I found "Phantasy" was written well with a unique plot once you get into the story finding it hard to put down. If you are looking for a read of a different journey of escapism ...if only for a little while... I would recommend this read for you.
  • The Common Ground on March 02, 2014

    Title: The Common Ground Author: Noa Daniels Publisher: N.D. Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4 Review: "The Common Ground" by Noa Daniels was some wonderful poetic journal of this author's "Written thoughts are the avenues into the souls of others, connecting points which provide a common ground of similar experiences, feelings, or discussions.' This author has all of this 'mirrored up for the reader to see their own reflection...captured into poetry.' I loved how this author was able to present this poetry for the 'young girl to the mature adulthood.' Be ready because this poetry will 'explore the human emotions such as: pain, joy, death, love, hate, life. Here are a few that I really enjoyed: Woman: ..."Lord, where is Adam? Feeling All Right! ..."and the feeling is feeling all right." I'd Try for you...I'll give myself, my heart, my life, my love to you. Weatherman..."Baby you change like the weather" Wrap Your Arms around Me..."Trust me, darling, cause it's true...All I ever need is you." Remember..."I wonder, what you remember ...I cannot separate myself from you. Can you remember? I'll Get the Message..."Please forgive me for calling, please forgive me for coming by." Lady...The Night goes by slowly; she continue to weep. The light is still burning as she drifts off to sleep. The cold wind is blowing, a warm heart grows numb. If you survive the winter, the spring will surely come." and Acceptance..."I am no angel, he is not saint. We still love each other in spite of what "we ain't." These and many more of these author's poetry can be found from the read of "The Common Ground" that I would recommend to you as a good read. I found that there are some that are different but there is little bit for everyone to think on as you are reading though this well written poems.
  • Mitchell Parker's Anniversary Gift on April 15, 2014

    Title: Mitchell Parker's Anniversary Gift Author: Jane Oldaker Publisher: Smashwords Edition Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 5 Review: "Mitchell Parker's Anniversary" by Jane Oldaker was another short read by this author. To truly understand this read I would definitely say you should read 'Northing Ventured' to get a little more about this story. As the story starts it is of a Mr. Parker where we find him waiting at a fancy restaurant for his wife's 40th anniversary. Mr. Parker has purchased a lovely piece of jewelry that he knew his wife would love having. As you read thorough this story we will see characters such as Molly Malone and her boyfriend Paul from 'Nothing Ventured.' The story will flash back and forth to day when Parker's wife Eileen were courting and as we listen to Parker's private thoughts of how much he still loves his wife which was a 'everlasting love.' Now this story gets a little more interesting toward the end with a twist that this author as presented to the reader. Now, I don't want to tell any more but want you to pick up this short read to see for yourself how this author brings it all out to the reader. This was very cleverly done by this author. Would I recommend this novel? Yes, it is a good interesting read.
  • A Day at the Office or The Bastard on April 15, 2014

    Title: A Day at the Office or The Bastard Author: Jane Oldaker Publisher: Smashwords Edition Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 5 Review: "A Day at the Office or The Bastard" by Jane Oldaker was a short sweet read of this lady's day...'before, during and after work.' This entertaining read was of a woman who wants 'a day with her husband but gets a a day at the office instead with the Bastard.' It was indeed humorous at the end how this author puts in a twist. Wow, she gets to finally come home late due to having to work late ...however, upon arriving home late dinner is ready and guess who is there with a hug and a cooked meal? Wow, what a surprise ending!
  • Wedding Surprise on Sep. 07, 2018

    Title: Wedding Surprise Author: Ann Harrison Publisher: Tule Publishing Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Four Review: "Wedding Surprise" by Ann Harrison Mari has finally come back to Cherry Lake, Montana after having been away for 10 years as she had promised on her husband's death bed. Why was this promise so very important for Mari? Would she be able to now face the ghost of her past? I found this story had a lots going on from a drug addict mom, love of a best friend [Ethan, a family that seemed to love Mari, being pushed away from her best friend, running away from it all...into Rake [Ethan's brother] and didn't come back until the death of her husband, Rake Now, that was something...why had she gone with Rake and married him in the first place? Fulfilling Rake's wishes after his death we find Mari has come back to Cherry Lake planning to renovate her hotel ballroom. Mari even planned to hire Ethan while hopefully being able to share her secret. Before all of this will happen Mari will have to come clean to what had made her leave Cherry Lake in the first place and telling Ethan this big secret. How will this come out for these two? Who else will there be that Mari will have to confront about her leaving Cherry Lake? Will these two ever be able to bury their past and move on? To get answers to all of these questions and more you will have to pick up "Wedding Surprise" and see who well this author delivers it so well to the reader. I will say it was one dramatic story that seemed to go on and on but Ethan would stop until he got all of his questions from Mari answered. It was interesting seeing how much his mother and father had some answers that Ethan needed to know from them. This was definitely one of those reads that I wasn't sure about some of the characters ...Ethan, his mother and father, however by the end after everything is unfolded and pretty much cleared up the story comes out making better sense in what all had gone on with many of the secondary characters in this story. It was hard to believe a lots of these peoples problems was with communicating with each other. Wow, what a dramatic family story! Thank you to the author for the gift of the read and for me giving my honest opinion of the read.