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  • Words Are Stupid on March 11, 2013

    John is one of my favourite Cracked columnists. So I was very excited to get this book. Judging by the glowing reviews posted thus far, I hope I'm not run out of town with my more sobering look. The book is hilarious. Before buying it I read the introduction with the 13-inch turd story and that was enough to earn my dollar. This work is structured so that each chapter (except the introduction) has two parts: first, a narrative; second, a collection of quotes loosely based on the chapter subject. I absolutely loved the first part of each chapter. It was exactly what I enjoyed about John's work on Cracked. The second part of each chapter, however, I didn't enjoy as much. There were a lot of chuckles as I read them but I felt lost and disjointed, like I was watching an ADHD butterfly flit from one thought to the next with no flow amongst them. As a book, I felt half disappointed as I got to the second part of each chapter. However, as a piece of entertainment costing only a dollar I got many times my cost of enjoyment out of it. Don't misunderstand me; I am very happy with my purchase. I'm sure each quote I read I would have found much more hilarious if I had been reading an article of John's as he throws in one of his zingers that make me laugh out loud while he's writing about a subject that he obviously takes very seriously. And I think that's what I enjoy most about his writing. This is my opinion and I can appreciate that some people might enjoy the rapid fire, unrelated one-liners of a book of quotes. It's just not for me. I sincerely hope he writes another book and I will be among the first to purchase it. I hope it will be structured as a complete narrative with the humour woven throughout.