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  • Vampire Vintage Book One : Belladonna in Hollywood on April 15, 2011

    Wow - what a great story! Vampire Noir! Belladonna is a small town, backwoods girl whose dreams of Bela Lugosi lead her to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. It doesn’t take Belladonna long to learn that fame and fortune is a fickle mistress. And just when she is feeling hopeless, Vivant spies her. "Vivant was captivated by her. The pink blush on her cheek, the soft, blood-red lips, and the scent of innocence that came off her skin was like expensive perfume to him, a rare and heady aroma." Vivant - here is a Vampire worth loving, and well, maybe hating on occasion. A rich, beautiful, talented, and egotistical immortal who thought “everybody should love him”. Belladonna doesn’t fall at his feet in worship and the sparks start to fly. The love/hate relationship of “Bells” and Vivant is explosive and carnal. She is still captivated with Bela Lugosi and is more determined than ever to meet him. When Bells’ brother, Cal, shows up in town looking for her, he falls in with the wrong crowd. And things really start rockin’! “Aren’t you going to apologize for vomiting on my shoes? I’m not impressed,” he told Cal. “You’re shoes? You want me to apologize for ruining your shoes?” “Yes, Cal, that would be the civilized thing to do.” Cal looked at him with incredulity. He’d just shot half his face off and wanted him to say he was sorry for spewing on his shoes." Yes, it does contain a few bloody bits, but they don’t last very long, and I feel they are central to the storyline. VAMPIRE VINTAGE BOOK ONE delivers a riveting tale of jealousy and vengeance, ending with a HFN. If you need a change from the Vamp-du-jour, this will satisfy your appetite. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.
  • Through Time Indefinite on May 03, 2011

    An entertaining tale of time travel with a wrinkle or two! A gal, Siaylah, from 2005 is chosen by The Powers That Be (TPTB) to travel through time to ensure history’s prominent figures are kept out of harm’s way. The story opens with Siaylah in ancient Egypt protecting Ramses II. Once her task is completed there, TPTB snatch her up and deposits her in the American Wild, Wild West – circa late 1800’s. The period of time she despises most. “No, no, no. I need my indoor plumbing! Even ancient Rome had indoor plumbing for chrissakes! I can’t LIVE without running water and indoor plumbing.” Apparently, TPTB were asleep at the wheel this time; as Siaylah is still wearing the white tunic. They didn’t change her clothes from her days in ancient Egypt. And they didn’t “whisper” the knowledge she needed for the era. Enter Nick. Who believes Siaylah is the “professional lady” he has just bought and paid for. The misunderstanding that ensues between Siaylah and Nick lead to passion and a dangerous showdown. TPTB never make an appearance or explain their actions. That wasn’t a problem as the story is well written. The sex scenes involving Nick and Siaylah are erotic as well as romantic. I really felt the connection between these two. One note though. At the beginning of the story, there is a scene between an Egyptian warrior and a harem girl that is somewhat coarse. Nonetheless, it plays an essential part in the tale. Nick is the consummate alpha cowboy. And don’t be dissuaded by the book cover. It is self-explanatory once you have read the tome. I really enjoyed reading THROUGH TIME INDEFINITE, and I look forward to what Ms. Shields will offer in the future as she continues to mature as an author.
  • Beg Me on May 03, 2011

    Ms. Walker has an explicit warning on this book. If you are uncomfortable with any of that, do not read this book. 'Nuff said. The relationship between Tania and Drake is a trusting, loving one. And that is what just she needs to overcome her fear and take back her life. A year after her husband dies, his twin brother brutally attacks Tania. Now two years later, Tania refuses to let what happened destroy her life and asks Drake to help her overcome her fear. Drake has secretly loved Tania for years and can refuse her nothing. He is hesitant and doesn't want to hurt Tania, but wants to help her. On their way to recovery, Drake and Tania make a startling discovery.
  • Brandon's Story - Control Freak: Book 1 (Erotica) on May 03, 2011

    Regina plays the sex card with Brandon, withholding any and all until he surrenders to her desires. She wants something more than vanilla sex in the bedroom. Whereas, Brandon doesn’t know if he can perform up to her expectations, nor does know if he wants to. Finally, after several days of enduring Regina’s relentless prick-teasing, Brandon takes the upper hand. Yes, this is a short story all right, 10 pages. This is written from Brandon’s POV, which I enjoyed very much. I liked the banter between Regina and Brandon: She would push his buttons; he would squirm. As a note, this is not a romance, but an erotic short story. As the couple is married, it does have an HEA. However, when I see the words “bondage” and “masochism” in a book blurb that is what I am expecting. What I read was more of a “slap and tickle”. In spite of this, I expect to see more of Ms. Jacobs writing in the future.