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  • Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes on Feb. 20, 2012

    For lovers of all things Spanish and especially Spanish food “Mouth Watering Spanish Recipes” is a cookbook you will love and adore. With over 100 authentic recipes including an extensive selection of tapas there is plenty to choose from whether your hosting your own tapas party, a Spanish dinner, a fiesta or just cooking for yourself and family at home . What I like about “Mouth Watering Spanish Recipes” is how personnel it feels. Authors Gayle MacDonald and Victoria Twead live in two Spanish towns, Orce and El Hoyo respectively and throughout the book you get a taste, literally, of what it is like to live and eat in Spain. As the locals have kindly shared some of their recipes, it feels like we are getting a really authentic taste of Spain, favourite family recipes and secret recipe's passed down through the ages etc. Through Victoria and Gayle’s comments, thoughts and ponderings, with each recipe, they reveal their true passion for Spanish food and the communities they live in as well as adding some nice lightness and amusement for cooks of all levels. You really get a sense that they have enjoyed the process and have actually cooked/prepared them and love sharing them with their readers. The photographs are rich and textured and a great size, so you don't need a microscope to see what your dish is supposed to look like and best of all there is a picture for each recipe, not always the case with cookbooks, so there is no having to guess what each dish is meant to look like as the finished masterpiece. It really is a fantastic cook book, easy to follow, a huge selection of sumptuous recipes, stunning photographs, interesting anecdotes and funny stories which make it all a very very good read. Thank you to Gayle and Victoria