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Smashwords book reviews by Aarati

  • In Too Deep on Aug. 27, 2013

    Another enjoyable read from Brandy L. Rivers. I enjoyed it as much as New Beginnings, if not more. In Too Deep was a kickass book, with a lot more action than New Beginnings. Fallon O'Shea is done with men. After catching her boyfriend cheating on her she just packs up, takes her Harley and rides out of town. She ends up in Edenton with a werewolf crashing into her bike. The hot as hell and sexy as sin werewolf needs her help. She knows better than to get involved but she can't leave a man to just die. Brody is unable to let go of his past. He is still mourning for his dead wife. That is until he crashes in a motorbike and into Fallon. As he sees Fallon heal his injuries and fight off the vampires who were chasing him, he finds out that life is worth living again. Fallon believes she ruins everyman she is with and Brody is out to prove to her that she is perfect just as she is. With the Dales in town and a mysterious guy from Fallon's past out to make her his own pet, Fallon teaches Slater and his pack how to fight them off. Fallon knows she should keep her distance from Brody, but he is temptation incarnate. As Fallon teaches his pack to fight and as Brody teaches her to love, they both find themselves and work on making a future they both thought was impossible. Another kickass novel by Brandy L. Rivers. It fun, romantic, full of action and easy to read. If you liked New Beginning, you'll definitely love In Too Deep