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Hello!, I'm Otto. I masquerade as a human, while using my dad's given name Daniel, as my pen name. My human mask makes me look real - right? I did this because no one would publish a story written by a baby otter named Otto. Whenever I try to do something the big people do, dad tells me he'll let me do it when I grow up. Growing up takes forever! Everything I create is drawn from personal experiences & my imagination. Dad used to say I let my imagination run away with me. Not true. I run away with my imagination 'cause it's more fun, not vice versa. Because I'm an orphan now, I spend more time these days imagining things & writing about them, 'cause dad hasn't been around lately. Just keep in touch by reading my up-and-coming stories. They're about all the things I do with new family or animal friends. I do lotsa things: I've been a sky diver, logger, sky writing pilot, telephone lineman, train engineer, race car driver, astronaut, singer & poet or was it just a dream? Find out about my experiences or fantasies by reading my tall tales. Oh yeah! I also went to school, so I could also be a writer. Hang in there! There's more animal fun to come.

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What inspired you to begin writing children's books?
I know our children represent the world's future. They symbolize the core of spirit & promise. Therefore, we not only need to set a wonderful example for them to follow, but must take care to inspire from within them, the best they can bring to the surface.
What do you read for pleasure?
Spiritual materials and true life stories.
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