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Smashwords book reviews by asafehaven

  • Genesis on Feb. 28, 2017

    Genesis introduces us to Essie Jacobs, her family and her friends. And, oh yeah, angels. As a lover of fantasy, I often imagine that any number of creatures actually live and move (disguised) among us. This book makes this a believable reality. And why not? If the Bible is to be believed, Shores provides ample references to prove that angels have been, and possibly continue to be, here on Earth. That fact alone is enough to make this a fascinating read. But Genesis is so much more. It's about the excitement of first love. It's about discovering who you are--the good, the bad and the ugly. Shores doesn't overload her story with unnecessary characters and extraneous plot lines. Instead, she focuses intimately on Essie and those who are most important to her. We get to know them through her eyes and feel the depth of her relationships. Essie also comes off as a real teen who makes sometimes selfish and impulsive decisions rather than one who puts everyone and everything before herself and/or her personal safety. So instead of rolling your eyes and saying, "yeah, right", you actually suck in your breath and think, "ooh, should she be doing that". By the way, can I be the first to thank the author for not featuring a beautiful girl in a prom dress on her cover?! I appreciate the simplicity of the title giving us a clue as to the content.