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Andretta Schellinger holds Bachelors in both History and Sociology from Pacific University, Forest Grove Oregon and a Masters in Diplomatic and Military Studies from Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI. While working towards her Master’s degree, Ms. Schellinger worked at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command which assisted in her love of the military and culture.

After being inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta and Pi Gamma Mu Honor Societies, Ms. Schellinger received the Lady of Loreto Award for Excellence while a Family Readiness Group leader for 209th ASB HSC during a 15 month deployment. As part of a small community, Ms. Schellinger is an active member by being part of the local Veteran Advisory Committee and assisting veterans as much as she can.

Ms. Schellinger currently lives in Oregon with her husband Jon, daughter Summer, and a zoo to include a cat, two dogs, and four snakes.

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Smashwords book reviews by Andretta Schellinger

  • Turning Lesbian: When Bi Is Not Enough on May 30, 2014

    I liked this book. It did have a lot of sex, which is a first for me. Most books I have read have some, but this was almost constant. Two things kind of rubbed me the wrong way, the doctor office scene seemed a little obscure to actually happen, but hot it was. The frequent mention of the medication that Rachel was peddling was unneeded in my opinion. Everyone has had that special someone who they loved and then they lost. Regardless of who broke it off, there is the pain and sadness that comes from a long term relationship ending. For Rachel that pain was two fold as not only did her long term boyfriend stay around even though the love was gone, but he started a relationship on the side. After three months of wallowing in self pity, yup I said it, she decided that she was done with men, at least for the time being. She didn't know what she wanted, but a man in her life was not going to cut it. Enter Kathryn, a older, yet smoking hot woman who was looking for a good time, and maybe a relationship, or was she? This story has some twists, and let me tell you I did not expect two of them. I wanted to push someone's face in for Rachel. I guess I am that protective type. I don't spoil so I guess you will have to read the novella to find out the twists.
  • The Arab Marylin Monroe - Erotic Prelude on May 30, 2014

    Warning, this novella has strong language and graphic woman on woman sex. This novella is a short read, it does have some hot steamy sex, and even a bath scene which I must admit was steamy, and not only from the hot water. If you want a book appetizer, or really in this case a dessert, this novella is the perfect choice. Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country, barely speaking language, and traveling with someone that you kind of like? Olivia, a young Greek American is in that exact predicament. That is until she notices the very attractive and very local Fairuz at a local cafe. Fairuz shows Olivia what it means to be in Paris, the love, the nightlife, and of course the sex. This chance encounter leads Olivia to realize a part of her that laid dormant, waiting for a beautiful woman to sweep her off her feet. Not only does this story describe how a random encounter can lead to a life changing decision, but also the religious and personal choices that one must make. While I did say religious, this book does not delve into more than surface level religious overtones regarding bisexuality or homosexuality.