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Smashwords book reviews by ashaindel

  • A Professional's Four Quarters on Nov. 12, 2011

    Very cute storyline. The author obviously knows her "material" well. Hope Ms. Hays "patterns" more short stories to amuse & entertain. Well done.
  • Hear, O on Feb. 28, 2012

    The characters are true to life. The author once again uses her craft with pathos to deal with the sensitive issue of old age & infirmity. Ms. Hays is a skilled storyteller. Worth the read. I. Kahn Feb. 28, 2012
  • A Half Jew on Jew Street on March 04, 2012

    IKahn on March 4, 2012: Takes on important values in a savory soup of light prose. Being that the Jewish Holiday of Purim falls out this week, particularly timely. Ms. Hays has a special flair. Fun to read.