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  • A to Z Stories of Life and Death on Jan. 10, 2012

    Each one of these stories is a gem. Before I started reading them, I thought that the title was a bit trite, and I suspected that the writer would have force-fitted some story headings to get a cute-sounding title. I couldn't have been more wrong - the titles do not appear contrived at all, and the stories fit together very well. It's incredible, and inspiring for writers, that this work was done over 26 days. It's hard to single out any one outstanding piece. Each of them is very taut. Ghosh is a wordsmith who uses her words sparingly. The pieces are very real, gritty and diverse. Ghosh is able to write from a staggering range of points of view. I will force myself to point out a few minor flaws: "subway" is not a term generally used in Singapore, some of the stories have the text starting after a page break, and in all of the book I didn't like one phrase, "eating snails as per their moods..." I found this a wonderful introduction to flash fiction.