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  • Paradox on April 30, 2012

    This was a great all-around book by an exciting author. I had no idea what it was about until I downloaded the sample and started reading. The title actually is great foreshadowing for the entire novel. This book was smart, witty, and a page-turner all the way through. I mostly liked the characters and their relationships. It was like one twist after another. The author cleverly leads the reader into different direction each and every time a character is introduced. Then when the character's true relationship is revealed, it's quite a shock! There is a part in the middle where the book drags a little about time-traveling and technology and physics. I was going to rate this as a 4, but then I realized that it’s just my personal opinion. I’m not really a science-fiction or science buff, and so others that would love that sort of thing in a thriller would probably rave over that stuff. That author does make it easy enough to understand, so I can’t fault him for that. Great book though. Very talented author!