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Throughout the years, I’ve heard many explanations as to why relationships decay. Some popular themes seem to be, “Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be,” and “You really just have to get lucky.” Rather than believe a couple’s happiness is largely based on chance, a more logical reason seems likely.
I believe the reason many of us have problems in our relationships is because no one ever taught us how to create and sustain intimate ones. No one ever taught us how to truly connect with a partner. We may have been told what qualities and morals to look for, and that things like communication and honesty are key, but no one ever showed us, step-by-step, how to do it. I wanted to change that.
I set out to create a blueprint that people could follow to achieve the most intimate connection possible with a partner. An easy to understand, universal step-by-step manual, that most any couple with the will could apply to their specific situation. It would teach them how to connect at a CORE level with one another. In doing so, their happiness would be based on their will, a deliberate choice and not left to chance. I found my passion and purpose in life and was eager to begin.
I enrolled at the University of Central Florida. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Science in Criminal Justice, and Education Specialist degree in School Counseling. After all these years of specialized education, years of counseling individuals, and personal experience, I am happy to announce that there is way to do it! The blueprints to love exist and they’re called, “PROJECT INTIMACY.”
The innovation behind this NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN technique is the creation of the CORE. Once a couple creates their unique CORE, magical things can happen. All their problems can be dealt with at their inception before having a chance to grow into divisive issues. This proactive design, instead of a reactive one, can fuel a self-perpetuating intimacy that grows stronger with time. Now people can see, step-by-step, how to create and sustain a truly intimate connection with one another.
Project Intimacy clearly shows you what to do. For example, imagine that you’ve just gone out and bought a new car. The manufacturers knew that we aren’t all mechanics. So, they included a manual to show us what we needed to do to keep things running smoothly. We understand that if we want things to run the way we want then we should follow their advice. Project Intimacy is the first relationship manual for all.
If you follow Project Intimacy you will have the best chance at having the relationship you want. Don’t leave your happiness to chance. Empower yourself and give your relationship the knowledge it needs to succeed!
Please see the sample chapter provided and equip yourself with the knowledge to transform your relationship into what you would like it to be today!

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