Andrew R Stephens


Andrew Stephens is a very reserved person. After much persuasion, he allowed me into his home for an interview. The reason for this are the many terrifying experiences he had during his travels as a freelance journalist and photographer that resulted not only in mental, but also physical trauma. The most obvious of this is the leg he almost lost in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.
During this interview he told me little of himself and less about his experiences while continuously stroking the ears of his faithful German Shepherd that never left his side. No photos were allowed, but he granted me the privilege to make a rough sketch of his face, which is all he would permit me to publish. This would be as close as anyone outside his direct family would get to him.
Andrew is from Scandinavian decent, lives alone with his dog and three cats, has a grown son whom he loves more that anything, and two grand kids. He also has a brother somewhere in Natal.
Before I left his house in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, he smiled white toothed, towering over me - six foot four inches tall - and handed me a thick file that contained his novels which I have already started typing and formatting for publication.
My impression of the man is someone with great intelligence, gentle, very sensitive and observant with a huge sense of humor. He is traumatized, but healing. Someday he might rewrite this bio and publish his books himself. Until then, watch out for his first novel: "The god of these Times".


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