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Since he began his practise in the early 70’s Thomas has helped many people achieve their goals using Numerology, Tarot & Astrology as tools for transformation, self awareness, development and self- discovery,

Having written numerous articles, author of four published books, many personal appearances for corporate and charity organisations and more and as an accomplished speaker he presents his material in an entertaining and enlightening fashion; “if you cannot have fun with your subject, you shouldn’t be doing it” is his motto.

With an interest in Tantra Yoga he's in the process of bringing his insights into the world via mindfulness/ meditation

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Gay Connections
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 6,180. Language: English. Published: November 16, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Gay and Lesbian » Dating and relationships
A unique approach to understanding your astrological/psychological 'signature' without all the jargon.
Penis Worship
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 3,610. Language: English. Published: October 7, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Gay and Lesbian » Sex and health
Discover the Power of the Penis using the phases of the moon to create health, wealth and happiness.
The Elusive Element - Be Careful What You Wish for
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 4,850. Language: English. Published: March 30, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Astrology
The elusive element in your astrological/psychological makeup, discover the unavailable or elusive element of your sun sign.
Guided Masturbation
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 14,640. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Gay and Lesbian » Sex and health
Create Wealth, Create Life using the power of the penis to visualise and create the world and life you desire. Mindful Masturbation as opposed to wasteful wanking should be every mans goal be he 16 or 76...
Numerology for the 21st Century
Price: $7.95 USD. Words: 89,210. Language: English. Published: May 2, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Numerology
As ancient as it is Numerology is as vibrant today as it was over 2,000 years ago. In the 21st Century there's no need to add numbers in a willy-nilly fashion, all you need to know is your Birth Number.
Solar/Lunar Astrology
Price: $7.95 USD. Words: 82,880. Language: English. Published: May 1, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Astrology
For those interested in Astrology but don't know where to start, this is the book for you. No need to know your time of birth, all you need is the date, month and year and all is revealed.
Numerology & You - Character Profiles
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 34,640. Language: English. Published: July 4, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Numerology
Forget about adding your day, month and year to find YOUR number. All you need to know is your Birth Number - found from knowing the day you were born. Easy
House Numbers - Their Hidden Meaning
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 20,520. Language: English. Published: June 4, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Numerology
The number of the place you call home has a meaning - discover what your house/flat means according to Numerology

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