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It all started on a day in the mid 70’s when I realized that I would never be successful in this world doing what I was supposed to do so I might as well do what I want to do. The first thing to come to mind was astrology.

For the next few years I studied and practiced and turned myself into an astrologer.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time it is clear to me from the perspective of being an astrologer for the last 3+ decades that my formal education (a BA in English from William Smith College) was the perfect training for an astrologer. Not that my professors would have agreed!

In 1978 I left New York and moved to Portland, Oregon where I continued my astrological studies and became a registered massage therapist. For the next 7 years I practiced both astrology and massage but eventually my love for astrology won out over my life as a masseuse.

In 1981, I came to visit in Toronto and have lived here ever since.

In the early ‘80’s I was Jade Athena With Today’s Astrological Insights! on Q107 on the noon hour show. In 1987 I wrote a book called Passion Signs (soon to be re-released in ebook format). In 1987 I also became a mother — an experience that has truly been one of my best teachings — astrology in action!

From the early ‘90’s for about 15 years I was the astrologer for Flare Magazine. I currently write a monthly astrology column for Vitality Magazine (a Toronto based alternative publication). I used to call myself Jollean Shaffer but am now using my real name.

I teach classes and workshops as well as public speaking and at times you can find me as the local oracle at fund-raisers. I see astrology as a great navigational tool in a world that seems rich in information but poor in meaning. I can’t say I know the meaning of life but it seems to me that we come to this planet to awaken consciousness rather than to be comfortable. (Although I like comfort!) Astrology is not a religion. It doesn’t tell me what to think. Its rich imagery and ancient tradition keep me mindful of the need to wake up and give me suggestions as to how I might do that.
I am truly blessed to be able to share this with my clients and students.

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Astrology's Twelve Great Myths: The Twisted Archetypes of a Dominator Culture
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 51,210. Language: English. Published: October 16, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Astrology, Nonfiction » Inspiration » Personal inspiration
Astrology’s Twelve Great Myths is a look at the essential building blocks of astrology – the signs – through the lens of myth, fairytale and culture. In this book you will find a myth or fairy tale that captures the essence of each sign and a discussion of what it means to the individual as well as the culture in which we live.

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