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  • The White Passage on June 10, 2013

    This story follows the talented yet utterly likeable Catherine "Kate" Allen, who inadvertently travels back in time to join the doomed expedition of Sir John Franklin to find the Northwest Passage. With a fluid writing style that easily incorporates both action and introspection, Kassandra Alvarado invites us to follow Catherine on her exciting and dangerous voyage, where reluctant friends and suspicious enemies are made, while Catherine struggles to save the voyage that has gone down in history as a mysterious disaster. You will find yourself, as you read, enchanted by Catherine's intelligence and strength, the character forged as a soldier in a futuristic world and tempered by a heart that goes out to the hopeful gentleman around her. The amount of thought and research put into this story is remarkable and obviously born of a great love of the subject, but never does it get in the way of a tense and fluid story of survival against all odds, and the desire to change a sad past. I highly recommend this to all fans of suspense and drama.