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Smashwords book reviews by Mary

  • Psychic Jucy's TarotSeek™: Learn How To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself on Aug. 19, 2011
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    This book interests me because it wants to teach us how to read the cards for ourselves and this is something that many people have difficulty doing. I'm immediately impressed with the statement "Do not base decisions on the tarot alone." This is something I've seen happen over and over...people go from one reader to another looking for the answer they wish to hear. I call these "Serial Querants". Special attention is paid to the aspect of emotional readings. I like this because many of the questions we tend to ask tarot when reading for ourselves are emotional in nature. We must never forget that we all have FREE WILL. TarotSeek spends the time to explain all about these things. I respect this and wish more tarot readers would address this. The Author's view that there is no "right" way to shuffle or store your deck is refreshing. They also give you examples of how you could shuffle as well as mentioning that shuffling and cutting the deck are very personal choices. There is no right or wrong way. The ideas given about storing your deck are straight forward and useful. Once again, this should be a personal choice. Rituals are mentioned and that's a nice touch because if you shuffle, cut and store your deck the same way each time, it's YOUR ritual. I like this. Right and left brain thinking is discussed in a way that makes absolute sense-we want to use our creative (right) brain to read the tarot. Some books I've read on this are so “text book like” that it takes all of the fun out of your right brain thinking! TarotSeek™ discusses this clearly but briefly and this is something I find useful. I prepared for my session as directed: A notebook that I use for "scratching out ideas", my favorite pen, a plain white sheet of copy paper and the Radiant Rider Deck. Although I will not "reveal" the TarotSeek method in this review, I will tell you that I honestly found it very enjoyable. I can add this to my meditation techniques and use it to resolve inner conflicts. I'm not usually one for using "traditional" tarot decks because I find the images hard to interpret. TarotSeek helped me to see things I hadn't noticed before and I realized that perhaps I wasn't asking the right questions. I can't wait to use this method with some of my decks that I only use for meditation. This sixty page E Book was a nice read with the Author's keeping things simple and getting directly to explaining things. There are many tarot books on the market for the beginner, I feel this one is able to guide and enhance the tarot experience without confusing the novice. I mention the page count because it’s less daunting to read sixty pages as a beginner. From personal experience, some books geared towards the beginner are too long and complicated for the person who wishes to get started immediately. I enjoyed the exercise and know I will rely on this method again and again. If you are someone who enjoys visual, creative thinking you will find this method is perfect. I plan to use this method with planning future projects and problem solving. The Second method is an audio method. I’ve experimented with this also. Thank you Abella Jucy for the opportunity to explore Tarot Seek and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants more from the tarot than the traditional meanings.