A.T.W. Marino


Originally from New Zealand, A.T.W. Marino was living atop Mount Dandenong, east of Melbourne, when she started to write her fantasy epic, The Dorian. Inspired by the Southern Alps and the beaches of Gisborne and Mahia Peninsula in her homeland, along with the sweet-smelling mineral hot springs of Morere, and the unspoilt native forest on Panekire Bluff, at Lake Waikaremoana, near Wairoa in Hawkes Bay, she created the Great Faspin Mountain Ranges in the Realm of the Xzarynx. It is here that The Dorian, son of the High Chancellor of the Visionaries, makes his home and begins the extraordinary adventures in the Realm.
With the first book of a nine part saga completed, A.T.W. Marino recently returned to New Zealand, to continue writing the story of The Dorian.


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