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Lola Pulse is a writer, designer, fashion blogger and model. An avid reader from an early age, she was inspired by some of her favourite writers to start penning her own novels. An eclectic taste in books has translated in her writing which spans erotic, children's and YA fiction - written under the pseudonym Aura Borealis.

Lola previously qualified as a finalist for the 2007 Miss Princess World Pageant. Three weeks of competition were held between the Czech Republic and Tunisia, the final show took place at the prestigious Cez Arena. Not wanting to compromise her education, she completed college choosing to pursue Sociology and Psychology, before moving onto university where she studied Fashion Marketing.

As creative director of the soon to launch Aura Borealis Designs (August 2014) , she works in collaboration with Italian artist Lucia Fioretti, to create one of a kind luxury silk scarves. Passionate about philanthropy, she has been a Youth Mark Assessor for Vinspired and a volunteer for Thames 21. She is also the founder of 'A Book To The Heart', a campaign aimed at helping people to find the joy in reading.

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