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I have lived a life composed of many great and small but exciting situations, and this has given me a fresh take on what some think is the mundane. I grew up in a mill village in the south and was thrust into the textile and apparel business at a young age. I have lived through the "hay day" of the American economy, and I have seen the change and death of a manufacturing industry. Along the way I have been an accomplished artist, drinker, fisherman, traveler, mover, shaker, and a watcher.
I write what I have lived. And through years of honing an ability to relate and see things as others may not see them, I have developed an energetic writing style that is easy to read and rolls off the tongue like a well executed roll cast for a hungry trout. I believe I have lived all of my life for this moment, and the power of that thought is seen and felt in the pages of my book. Technically speaking, I am fairly attractive (Mama told me that at an early age). I am a good conversationalist. I am a personable, easy speaking guy who happens to be creative. I am also an artist who has sold paintings in a few galleries, and I, along with my brothers who also paint, was written up in “Southwest Art” magazine several years ago. I have a few more books that will be published soon, and I look forward to you letting me know what you think of this book and the books to come.

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