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Petros Arguriou was born in Thessaloniki, on some August day of 1973. He studied medicine at the University of Athens until he chose to quit, fed up with the authoritarianism and dominance of mechanistic doctrines. At the age of 20, he signed his first book contract and since then he has written 16 books of which 8 have been printed. His numerous articles have been published by a number of Greek and international magazines. He has been hosted by several radio shows around the world as well as by RT, one of the biggest TV networks in the world.
Petros is known for his unique writing style, the thorough and enlightening exploration of his topics. He has been hailed by notables like historian Howard Zinn and author Celia Farber. His writings have influenced alternative Greek columnists, politicians and even song writers. He is one of the few analysts who revealed the backstage and successfully predicted the course of the pandemic flu scares, the XMRV-chronic fatigue scandal and the EU crisis.
Having competently dealt with a surprising wide array of heterogeneous topics , Petros represents a modern and modest version of the “Renaissance Man”.
His first works, written during the 1990s, were clearly of anthropocentric context with their main characters prevailing over the circumstances of their lives. Yet, with the coming of the new Millennium, Petros would create a series of dystopian novels foretelling the decadent and totalitarian spirit of the new epoch. A decade later his writings explore the vital question of whether the very core of humanitarianism can survive in inhuman times.
“Mark of Man” is his first novella solely written in English.

Other Books (in English)
Pulp Med (with Beldeu Singh). John Hunt Publishing, 2011


The Mark of Man
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 19,800. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Visionary & metaphysical, Fiction » Coming of age
Tsura is a voiceless one, a mute. He had also been a nameless one until his “magic” burned the tribe’s witch. Being blamed for crimes he didn’t commit becomes a pattern in his life as a second killing takes place in the city he and his beggar father visit. Two worlds will collide and the boy will be caught in between. His impotent innocence will be tested again and again by the cruelty of races.

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