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I was predisposed to storytelling and writing from as early as I can remember because my mom would make up bed time stories using us as the main character. I started writing books in my head at about age 5 on my long travels across the US. When I was in my late twenties I was working on my family tree and learned I was Scotch-Irish. Scotland calls to me so I wondered what it would be like to have an adventure back then so sat down and wrote three fictional books with time travel.
I had to put my writing career on hold because my life took off in a new direction. years later we were off on a new adventure and I was able to sit down and write several more books.
I thought it would be fun to tie all my sequels and trilogies together by making an organizations that spans time. A few characters have guest appearances between the different stories. All of my books, except one that is solely in the past, has the same present day detective, which unknowingly works with the Tuatha on several of the unsolved mysteries.
When I finally moved to regular civilization in Florida, I joined writing groups and came across some wonderful people, and greatly needed information. I have since been learning how to edit and do so much better but still have a ways to go. I will never stop learning because editing is always changing as new reading generations come along.
I have been mentoring YAYA Writers (youth and young adult writers) between the ages of 12 and 19 and love it. Currently I just finished a project with the Charlotte County library (sponsored by Friends of the library) and a book is being published which includes the writings from several teens who joined in on the project. It is called Amalgamation. We will be doing another book starting in the fall of 2017.
I just released my newest book, Stellar Alliance, a new genre for me, and am working on making it a series with a continuation, and book 3 in the works.

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Short Stories for Stellar Alliance and the Tuatha Series
Price: Free! Words: 14,080. Language: English. Published: June 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
Stellar Alliance, a sci-fi short story, includes a few incidences mentioned in the full book which formulated Corbin Masters' formative years. The Tuatha fantasy short story is an insight of the formative years of the Tuatha, the Guardians of our planet.

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