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Su Halfwerk writes in the horror and paranormal romance genres. From a tender age, the written word left a strong impression on her, later on terrifying, blood-chilling books became the object of her interest. Su’s style in horror combines shuddery terror with elements of surprise; some would even call it an enigmatic twist. In the world of paranormal romance, she transforms the desire to scare into a quest to seduce and tantalize.
Her book, His to Possess, is a finalist in the 2011 EPIC Awards in the Paranormal Romance category.
When not writing, Su is designing book trailers for herself and other authors.

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Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 36,450. Language: English. Published: May 4, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Fantasy » Dark
Robert Williamson’s flawless life is ruined by a witch. Before exacting his revenge against her, he’s hell-bent on digging out explanations. His demands are wild, his interrogation method peculiar, and what he seeks most might well cost him what remains of his sanity. Despite horrible odds, Robert refuses to give in. Aberrancy is a gripping dark tale of lives a different kind of evil.

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  • Midnight Theatre: Tales of Terror on March 22, 2011

    Reading Midnight Theatre: Tales of Terror is like stepping through a multi-layered universe created by Greg Chapman. Each story weaves facts interlaced with references to events in history or literature pieces. I can’t divulge more than to avoid giving the stories away. I can, however, give couple of examples of how the novella affected me; I feel the time differently now, especially any references to Déjà vu; Halloween will hold new dark corners for me, in those corners other beings dwell, engrossed in their own activities. This book gave me the same feeling I got when I watched the movie Dark City, it has a delicious mixture of darkness, intrigue, and hope for the best. A brilliant read for horror aficionados.
  • The Demon Is In The Details on May 24, 2011

    I liked the plot...a lot. But the story dragged at places with lots of self doubt. Also, Stella's emotions were not thought through. One moment crying (lots of that) then confident verbal teasing, then certainty to fulfill her destiny, and finally throwing up or feeling like it ( a lot of that too). In one day she moved from a watering can to demon slaying machine! I think with a bit of editing to: - Remove or replace the repeated reactions - To fix few typos toward the end - Reduce the repeated emotions This book can be great. The idea is nice, but sometimes it got lost in the details.
  • Irish Inheritance on Feb. 28, 2014

    Two people from different parts of the world (English actress Jenna Sutton and American artist Guy Sinclair) inherit a house in Ireland. At first glance, they aren’t related and the decision to sell the house and split the money is the simplest and most logical application to their joint Irish inheritance. But curiosity plays a big part in what unfolds next. The house is shrouded in mystery, most of it undocumented. Jenna and Guy go through their families’ history to determine their connection…for these two were attracted to each other as soon as they met at the airport, knowing about their ancestors and how they are related was necessary. Jenna and Guy’s attraction, reactions, dreams, and even unreasonableness at times were real. This is a story that can happen and because of this I couldn’t put the book down. I had to understand the link between them, how they overcome life’s obstacles that separated them, be it preconceived ideas about one another or real problems. Plus there’s the added advantage of reading about and falling in love with Ireland. Totally worth the five stars and even more. Again, Paula Martin delivers and exceeds expectations.