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Nikki Rush, Fantasy/Urban Fantasy and Mystery/Suspense.
Born in the mountains of West Virginia, now residing in Tennessee, on the Holston River, Rush was influenced as a youngster by Tolkien, Poe, Superhero comics, and adventurers such as Captain Blood...From childhood she has watched the original DOA, To Kill a Mockingbird and Cape Fear, once every year, for 33+ years.
A captivated reader, with a list of favorite authors dreaming up stories has always been Rush’s favorite pastime. (Born the 9th child) It threaded through a childhood where folk tales, music, and “stories” were entertainment after a long hard day of chores.
Somewhere in the daydreaming, the convergence of danger, adventure, and heroics met.
With self-described "Gothic-noir" storytelling, along with glimpses of the author's southern upbringing, Rush’s work ranges from dark worlds, sinister evil and troubled heroes, to ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances.
Discovering that the most inspiring stories are grown from the seed of personal conflict, Rush’s work is a promised feast for any reader to devour.

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