J. Edwards


J. Edwards is a young author who began his publishing career with the novel, "The Untold Tomorrow." This ebook was released only on Kindle. A few years after this, he decided to continue his work with an unrelated novella series known as "Exo."

The author is an accomplished computer engineer with a hobby in astronomy. Being a fan of Star Trek, the Exo series is planned to be a set of short stories that involve adventures into exploring the unknown. Because of his scientific nature, he tries to create fiction that is as close to real science as possible. Of course, science fiction does include things that are not currently possible, but may be possible in the years to come. Planets that are used as a reference, are real...though the unknowns are filled in with the author's vivid imagination. He believes that the world of science fiction has turned more toward the realm of fantasy. His goal is to restore "Scifi's" true origin. This origin is to describe events that may not be possible now, but may become a reality in the future. The author admits that in his first novel, "The Untold Tomorrow," there were editing errors. At the time, he could not afford or maintain a reliable 3rd party editor. He did learn from this, and correct the problem by being vigilant in his editing process. To add, he decided to bring his three children's imagination into the process. After all, kids have a better imagination than anybody. But still, before inclusion, he carefully examined the scientific aspects before including them into the novella. Edwards hopes to release several stories into the Exo series.


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