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Melanie Ray is a Texan wife and a mother of one small child. Constant exposure to innocent things like toys and cartoons triggered the need to create stories that would be magical and fun, but more enjoyed at a level for adults.

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  • Phantasy on Nov. 27, 2013

    First of all, this book is different from the usual fare. There is capitalization, indentation used for thought and extreme agitation, and its told in several different ways. It reminds me more of a screenplay format. The fantasy is okay, but minimal until the story is being written. Still, I enjoyed it. It's more lifelike than anything, and you forget it's supposed to be a fantasy novel. However, I didn't mind because I was learning about something way different than America where I am from. Rs conversion, importance of money, tube wells, bangles, subscriptions, etc. When the main character started to write his novel though, the way it's presented is changed. It is closer to other stories you would read on Amazon. A little different at first though since you are exploring with the author in the screenplay format for it. There are several interruptions between the novel and his life. You will also see that escaping into his novel to escape is affecting him too. One minute you are reading along and then it's like...what? What?! When did that happen, did I skip several chapters or something? You didn't though, and in the next scene you realize the truth. He daydreams. So now, you are wondering what is real and what is illusion? In the end, don't expect a gigantic epic scene (unless you are refering the novel phantasy.) The main character of the book has several social issues which prevent him from moving on. Psychological issues that definitely stem from his mother, especially against women. If you are easily offended, this is not a book for you. The author does however make this clear before the story starts several times over.