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Author Savannah Rose is a Contemporary Southern Romance Author. Her stories are inspired by her country upbringing. She lives in Gadsden, Alabama.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born in Gadsden, Alabama (close to Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL). Growing up I was blessed to have both sets of grandparents. My father's parents lived in an area that we viewed as more city-like. My mother's parents planted gardens and lived a more country lifestyle. Because of both settings, I feel I am able to write honestly about what it's like to live in the South (whether city folk or country folk). I loved my upbringing. Summers were spent with my "country grandparents" where I learned to harvest the gardens and prepare food either by freezing or canning (in Mason jars). The most memorable times were when I spent time sitting with my GrannyMaw, my mother, and my aunt just snapping beans or shelling peas or even cutting corn off the cob. I cherish those memories more now since they've all gone on to their heavenly home. I remember my Pawpaw teaching me how to properly mow a yard. My city grandparents gave me special memories as well. Grandmother taught me what it was to keep your nails painted, your clothes neat, and your hair "done". My city grandfather was a cook in the Army so he cooked the meals at their home. I learned my city grandmother's Potato Salad recipe (this was all she could cook). My country GrannyMaw taught me how to take care of my family by cooking fresh vegetables, make a proper pone of cornbread, and a huge pot of veggie soup. I had a great childhood and often wish I could return to it. But we know that's not possible, unless I write about.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans mean the world to me. They are my inspiration to publish my work. It's always nice to hear positive feedback (or constructive criticism) on something you've poured your heart and soul into. I'll continue writing no matter what, but it's the fans that just confirm what I love doing is worth more than I think it is.
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