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This is my storyand I'm sticking to it

Tania Chilby - Self confessed caffeine addict, suffering conditions such as inability to stick to any exercise stints, Loves/hates vacuuming -or any house chores, loves to Babble. Always engrossed in Meditation, always curious and in constant self discovery of seeking pleasure.

I excessively love spending time with family and my flower power friends, I live in Maitland and work at the Bookhog by day, so Im a Hogett, and yes my hero is Miss Piggy! And in the chill of the night tranform into a Mum, writer, internet junkie and on occasions a couch potatoe - sickening isnt it?

So I guess if your reading my Bio I should tell you that I have always loved to do all things creative, writing and acting were just part of my many talents - I have done other exciting things to, like work in a strip pub - survey people randomly, Feng Shui and cleared houses for about 10 years and have had just about every job known to man kind, and when im bored I doddle & journal just for the hell of it.

Co created the Crystalight Truth and Insight cards (a truly kick ares oracle deck) about 5 yrs ago, and now Im writing books to amuse myself with, so as you can see folks, Im as Bright as a button :-) batteries not included but wild outburts of incompetence, laughter and foot in mouth occur quiet regularly. So is this my life? YES it sure is, and I dont need any one's permission to damn well live it this way. So thats it in a Nutshell.

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The Bitch's Bible
By Tania Chilby
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 14,260. Language: English. Published: June 2, 2010 by StormSage Central Publishing House. Category: Nonfiction
This bible tackles the works of Great Bitches; discover how to be a Bitch, understand Bitches & what matters to them. Learn the art of creative, passionate Bitching while gaining an understanding for your fellow bitches. In this light hearted eBook I give all bitches accurate & amusing information about themselves, their girlfriends & family.

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