A.V. Cheshire


A.V. Cheshire was born in the 1980s, although if you question him on this he will deny it. When he was 13 he nearly died after being run over by a truck. Before this he was almost normal. Afterwards he had to learn to walk again and to this day prefers not to. Everything might of been okay for him if his parents hadn't introduced him to the public library system at a young age and ever since the smell of large amounts of books in one place does funny things to him. Somehow he survived highschool and ended up studying film making at university and he considers cinema as the ultimate expression of the writerly urge. Some day he hopes to run his own media empire and will use this position of power to teach humanity just how strange and interesting reality can be. If he cannot make it as a writer or a film maker he plans to live out the rest of his days as a cul-de-sac. Only one of these things is a lie.

He lives in Scotland with his girlfriend and her son and has recently brought a house with her. He still isn't quite sure how he ended up doing such a grown up thing.

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