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Aventura eBooks is an independent eBook store, ePublisher and Literary Agency based in London. Our experience comes from a love of reading and writing, together with a technical and computer orientated background.
What we do. We are a non-subsidy agency. IE We pay our authors royalties, we do not ask them for money. Accept and edit manuscripts that we consider have the potential to be the best novels in Action, Adventure, Suspense, Crime, Mystery and Thriller. Perform all the necessary formatting. Produce eBooks of your novel, in several digital formats. Launch on Aventura eBookstore and as many storefronts as possible, giving you the best exposure you could have wished for.
We want our agency and publishing house to become synonymous with accepting and publishing the best quality eBooks in the Adventure, Action, Mystery, Thriller and Crime fiction genre - that's why we are concentrating in that sector.

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