Kensho had an ordinary life in the way most people would call ordinary; he had a career in business administration and a job from 8 to 5. Yet, he was bored with a standard that wasn’t providing real fulfillment.

Ever since he was a kid, he had had spiritual interests, always wanting to understand what the meaning of life was. When he was in his teenage years, he began having uncontrolled out of body experiences that he couldn’t understand, and that’s when he began studying different schools of mysticism and received practical knowledge to control these experiences and get the most out of them. In this moment he began to find the answers he was looking for.

In 2010 he met his Guru, Dharmapa Rimpoché. He quit his job and moved to the foothills of a small town in Guanajuato, Mexico, to study with his Guru to become a Zen Buddhist missionary for the Prajna Movement.
In 2011 he opened a meditation center in Zamora, Mexico. In this year he was admitted as a student in the Order of the Yellow Dragon and received his Dharma name Kensho, which means “Clear Vision” in Japanese.
Then in 2012, he moved to San Diego, California to help establish the Prajna Meditation Center in El Cajon which is still open today. In San Diego he became familiar with the teachings of Yogananda and Babaji.
In 2014 he opened a meditation center in Prague, Czech Republic.
Kensho walks the middle path; which is a type of a spiritual path about living life to the fullest among normal people, doing the daily required chores, and providing service to others.

Kensho’s knowledge comes from many mystical sources and the teachings of his guru Zen Buddhist Master Dharmapa Rimpoché, as well as his life experiences and anecdotes.

He currently lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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