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  • Courting Abby on Oct. 07, 2012

    I really enjoyed this story. I have read all the books from this series because after getting to know each character in the first book, I just had to read their individual story. Rita Hestand is one of my favorite authors, she is one of the best.
  • Double the Pleasure: Prescott Twins, Book 1 on Oct. 07, 2012
    (no rating)
    I enjoyed this book, it is a great read.
  • Blue Skies of Texas on Nov. 13, 2012

    Good story. I enjoyed it very much.
  • Asking For It on Nov. 19, 2012

    Great story.
  • Broken on Nov. 19, 2012

    I really enjoyed this book. The story is touching and emotionally charged. Great Book!
  • Trail Boss on Nov. 19, 2012

    I recommend this book.
  • Perfect Cowboy on Nov. 19, 2012

    Great story. I really enjoyed it. I recommend this read.
  • One Stubborn Cowboy on Nov. 19, 2012

    I really liked this story. This young lady stood up for herself.
  • Tattoo My Heart (Heroes of Seaside Point, Book 1) on Dec. 12, 2012

    I loved this book. There are so many great characters and I am so looking forward to Travis and Verity's story as well as the other members of the four musqueteer. Mia did it again. I loved the series Seals Inc, looks like we will enjoy this one for sure!
  • Bluebells on the Hill on Dec. 28, 2012

    I loved it! It was refreshing and has a different storyline than usual, I thought it was original. Great job. BTW, this author always has great stories and I enjoy her books.
  • Ghost in Her Heart on Dec. 31, 2012

    Loved it!
  • Raining In My Heart on Feb. 01, 2013

    Rita: You've done it again! I loved it. Now, I am so looking forward to the next book. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the other McKay Sisters. I am hooked. I have my suspicions as to what who Caleb might be, hee hee hee.
  • Acquiring Trouble on Feb. 07, 2013

    Loved it! This is another success in the series. I love them all! The characters are funny and loveable...
  • The Circle Eight: Caleb on Feb. 14, 2013

    I enjoyed this story very much. However, it would be great to have the previous books of the series here so I could read the books in order and would have been better acquainted with the family members before reading Caleb's story.
  • The McCall Trilogy on Feb. 14, 2013

    I really enjoyed this trilogy. Great reads.
  • Wrangler For Hire on Feb. 15, 2013

    I loved this story. Great storyline and characters. Good show! I recommend this read. However, I would have liked a pdf version available, it is easier with my tablet to read since I don' have a ereader just yet.
  • The Cowboy's New Heart on May 14, 2013

    Loved it.
  • Kiss On The Bridge on Sep. 05, 2013

    I enjoyed reading this adventure. I just kept on reading, not wanting to let go. Great job!
  • Secrets Collide on Nov. 26, 2013

    I loved this book. Well actually, I loved the whole series! Kathleen has a way with caracters and plots. I am so looking forward to Ahmed's story.
  • Relentless Pursuit on Nov. 26, 2013

    Loved it! Great story and caracters!
  • Bluegrass Undercover on Nov. 26, 2013

    Great book, I loved it!
  • Rising Storm on Nov. 26, 2013

    I just couldn't put this book down until I reached the end. Great work!
  • Secret Santa, A Bluegrass Series Novella on Nov. 26, 2013

    Great book. It also has all the caracters we loved in previous books. It was great to have them back in this Christmas Book.
  • Dead Heat on Nov. 26, 2013

    As usual, I loved the book. Kathleen never lets me down! Great caracters and her books always puts a smile on my face with the quirky people of Keeneston.
  • Risky Shot on Nov. 26, 2013

    Once again, I loved this book! ☺
  • Bluegrass State of Mind on Nov. 26, 2013

    I loved this series! This is where it all begins and it sure doen't dissapoint.