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  • Last Days and Times on Feb. 07, 2010

    Clever. Gritty. Enlightening. Words you would hardly expect to see in a review for a tale about the apocalypse. After all, we’ve all read the haughty dime store novels (or at least seen them lined up on the Walmart bookshelves), we’ve all seen the big-budget, 'blow up by numbers' Hollywood disaster movies, we’ve all watched the drab sci-fi TV mini-series’ that get carted out every fall like Dick Clark on New Year's Eve. What should we expect from a genre designed to play on our primal compulsion to straddle the brake at car wrecks? Well, quite a lot evidently. If you’re expecting a predictable end of the world yarn, you will not find it in Stephen Loy’s “Last Days and Times.” With a fully fleshed cast of characters and a razor-sharp hook that will drag you through a complex and neatly woven narrative, Last Days and Times will not only entertain, it will enlighten. Issues of faith, race, family, and a snappy whodunit; Loy lights fuses from every angle, leaving the reader to follow the sparks. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself swimming in the powder keg, watching the whole thing go “boom.” And man, what a sight to behold. Add this one to your reading list before the cataclysm strikes.
  • Kiss Chronicles on April 22, 2013

    One woman's personal and poignant journey to procure her first kiss. Seems simple enough right? Well, guess again. Kiss Chronicles is a quirky and thoroughly enjoyable read that features some wonderful vignettes on the pleasures and pitfalls of swapping spit. I highly recommend it.