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Smashwords book reviews by Karen H

  • Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series) on Aug. 20, 2012

    I’m pleased to read this book as it is my first mermaid book and it was a wonderful experience. I love that events unfolded one right after the other and twists were un-ending. I don’t particularly know what to expect from a mermaid book; as in there are certain thing I’d expect of a vampire / werewolves but aside from tails and being able to swim like a fish, I’d have no idea what to expect in terms of power, race protocols / cultures, etc. So, it was a fascinating read into another world of mythical sea creatures. Unfortunately, it was also a very painful read for me. Just because I’m rooting for the other guy! Now, I know what those in Team Jacob (Twilight) or Team Gale (Hunger Games) feel!! And it’s just awful L In saying that, I want to continue reading the series in the hopes that something (not necessarily them ending up together) will make me feel better about this book / series. Whilst I found the story to have many interesting layers, I found most characters to be under-develop or nearly invisible to me. The book focused so much on Eviana Dumahl that all others were just props; just visible in the background. Maybe this is because this is the first book in the series so hopefully we’ll get to see a lot more of other characters in the next books. I am a little conservative in my star rating as I did truly enjoy the story & the Syrenka world but am still in anguish over whom Eviana chose. Nevertheless, she grew up pretty much overnight into a powerful tough and determined Syrenka so I’m really interested as to how she will perform next. I reserve the right to cheer for the other team ;p
  • Betrayal (Book Two of The Syrenka Series) on Sep. 17, 2012

    Firstly, Ms. Amber Garr, please please please stop with all the yummy Guys you are throwing my way!!! I was totally torn apart in the first book (Promises), I don’t need to be completely splintered. Seriously, Brendan is just hot and the love of Eviana’s life. Kain is gorgeous and what’s not to love when the guy is just so gentle, generous, warm and loving?! And OMG, Graham is Bad-Boy-Licious with a to-die-for accent! How’s a girl to choose? I’m glad that’s not my job Eviana went home without Brendan to assume her responsibility as her clan leader. She may be determined to be a good & strong leader but reality is she is young with no training whatsoever. On top of that, she’s just lost (hopefully temporarily but it still hurts) the love of her life. She is in a pretty bad spot right about now. Things are about to get any better though as Lucian Sutherland wants her back. The youngest member of the Council, Graham Forrester, shows every sign of being a dissipated young soul with some strong powers. He is also very attractive and Eviana is troubled by this attraction. He, however, has no compunction about his attraction to her and is willing to play the game. I’m loving this book! I’m loving the story and am loving Eviana. She is strong but there were moments of weaknesses. I’m happy that her vulnerability isn’t hidden but is known to her friends & supporters. I have to admit I wasn’t a tad surprised when I found out why Lucian wanted Eviana and was slightly disappointed though I couldn’t really see any other reason… and Eviana is still the only fully developed character with pretty much 99% of the book focused on her. Well, I didn’t mind it so much in this book as I was really drawn to the story & to Eviana although I do wish to have had that few sneak peeks into Brendan or Kain or even Marisol. I really want to know what make Kain tick!
  • Arise (Book Three of The Syrenka Series) on Sep. 17, 2012

    I swear by everything that’s holy that I wrote my review for Betrayal (book 2) before I even touched Arise! The fact that my wish came true was a miracle!! Well, not quite, it’s really the work of Amber Garr in totally pre-empting her reader’s wish (me, in this case) of which I am completely grateful for. When I first saw that chapter in Kain’s POV, my ‘Yes’ reverberated through the house and my fist was pumping the air, I was so freaking excited for it. I really couldn’t believe my luck! Here I am, going to be in Kain’s head! Exciting as it was to see things in Kain’s head – how he truly cares for Eviana, what he’s willing to do for her, etc… In the end, I found that the voice didn’t really change much. I feel like there’s something missing -it wasn’t masculine enough for me. I think I’ve been spoiled by all those overprotective alpha male characters. That’s not to say that Kain isn’t protective of Eviana – he is but he’s just not primitive about it. He is gentle and has confidence in Eviana which is refreshing to see that he trusted her to make her own decision. In the midst of my read, I wasn’t sure if this is the last book as it just didn’t feel like it’s going to end and I wasn’t sure either if I wanted this to be the last book or not. The reason being, of course, is that it’s sooo good that I don’t want it to end but I don’t think I can stand the pressure of having to wait for the next book. The tension and action continued to escalate in Arise – right up to the end. I was cheering, I was cursing, I shed some tears and then I shed some more tears in joy. This was my first merfolk series ever and whilst I wasn’t too keen on book 1, I am so happy to have read books 2 & 3 – to me, this is a series where all my wishes came true. It’s been a great ride and am looking forward to my next merfolk tales (they have a lot to live up to!).