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Smashwords book reviews by seda

  • Running Technique on Nov. 03, 2011

    One of the best running book that I've ever read! I think that it explains the mechanics of running very well that you finally understand the right/wrong things that you do while running. You begin to see that a good technique is not only about being a forefoot or heel striker but much more than that. After reading the book, just in a few days I started to feel the difference in the way that I run and the most important thing is that finally I was able to identify my problems and had the answers about how to correct them. I wasn't injured at the time that I started to read it but considering the injuries that I had in the past I was aware that there were things that I needed to correct with my technique. Despite reading many books about running (including the bestsellers), for me, there were still some missing and unclear parts in the running mechanics chain and none of the books ever described them as well as this book. Now I know that I'm on the right way to be able to run injury free and enjoy my runnings more than ever. I think that for those who are injured this book is a MUST read. Also for beginners, if you will invest your time for some reading about running to make a good start, this should be the book to read first (and probably you won't need to read another one). I think that even you have no injury and happy with your performance you may still find the book very useful and enjoyable since it's very informative about the running technique and easy to read. The strength and coordination exercises are very well described as well with the key points that you should pay attention to perform them correctly. I think that this book definitely deserves to be a bestseller running book.