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  • Lessons From The Successful Investor on Oct. 12, 2010

    This book is exactly what you'd expect from a new university graduate: it's full of unfounded "facts", hero worship (Buffet, naturally), and hubris. What's lacking is the useful information found in investing books worth the time to read. Or any proof of the author's "success", even if only random good luck. Ellen Roseman says, "Impressed to see a young man teaching others about his investing secrets, I invited him to speak to my class last week. He delivered a PowerPoint presentation with confidence and economy, finishing exactly within his allotted half hour. I was impressed.". I have to agree: it's nice to see a powerpoint presentation end on time. Mr. Speziale, if you're reading this: please get a dictionary and learn the difference between "entrench" and "encroach". The rest of the text needs serious work, but this made me cringe. The $0.00 I paid for this book still wasn't worth the cost. See more for yourself here: