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  • The Union of Heroes on June 07, 2011

    Fun read! I got through it in one sitting! Paul really knows how to describe classic superhero fights with building-destroying smashing crashing action, witty commentary and character development. Highly recommended for the superhero comics fan. I could see every detail in my mind as I read the book. I hope there is more! The Union of Heroes has more villains to fight!
  • Claimed on Sep. 10, 2011

    Not bad, but not particularly believable either. The sex is well written but the plot is fairly trite and predictable.
  • Pagan (erotic paranormal, menage) on Sep. 10, 2011

    Not bad for the start of a novel. Hardly a complete story at all. The author seems to believe that a full chapter of nothing but different positions of sex is a suitable climax for a story.
  • Bloodraven on Dec. 19, 2011

    Excellent book! One of the best I've read on Smashwords. Great erotica, great adventure, characters you care about. Highly recommended.
  • Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande on May 21, 2012

    Awesome book! Five stars for smut and pirate/steampunky/mutant goodness! Seriously, this is a fun book with a well designed world that makes you want to explore it yourself, never mind just follow the characters around. There's gritty details and blisteringly hot sex. Even the villains are hot. Maybe especially the villains are hot. Totally worth the 2.99.
  • Throne of the Depths on July 02, 2014

    Like all of the Adventurotica books, this novel is a mixture of delicious, well rounded out fantasy worlds and amazingly hot sex. If you are looking for smut with a great plot, this is your novel. The authors also come up with believable characters for every setting. Whether our hero is a black female teenager from the eighteen hundreds or a hot male mer warrior, they can do it all! Buy, read, enjoy.