Barry Dashwood


I'd like to say I'm a tall, dark, handsome, witty and rich young man. Trouble is I'm actually a short, bald, bearded, birpy, paunchy, reclusive grandad, and I'm a long way from rich.
So what's not to like?
I was born ... oooh, a long time ago in the wilds of Lincolnshire, but I got away at sixteen, went to London for a year, then Germany for a year, and then Hong Kong for a year. I sowed my wild oats as a jazz bass player in London and Essex before eventually settling in a country house near the coast in Kent where Wendy and I have raised our family. A variety of jobs, never settling to one thing, until we started our own successful picture framing business in 1980, which is currently in the process of slowing to a standstill.
Reading and writing have always been my main interests and at last I've started self publishing stories having been caught up in the waves of the ebook revolution. I'm determined to continue this until my last desperate gasp. And if possible, even beyond.

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