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Born in the Vietnam era of 1964 my family was no exception or exclusion from the escalating war draft, my father was drafted into the marines and his brother into the us navy. By the time I was born in Norristown Pennsylvania the war had taken it's toll on his soul and hell followed when he returned home and I was born to the world. Left for dead in a grocery store dumpster by my own mother and father god apparently had a very different plan for me altogether. A life filled with unexplained events, near death, satanic kidnappings, ufo abduction and ghostly encounters. This child was very different from the kids next door a child like none before a unwanted monster in the eye of the parents who raised me. A house fill with child abusing monsters, beating, starvation, abandonment, abuse at the worst level a child could endure at such young ages..
See life tried to kill me before I was ever gave a chance to live and that evil has followed me my entire life wanting only one result my death. Why is the unanswered question 7 times god tried to kill me himself and failed 5 times I nearly died being stupid and 15 times man has tried and failed.
Take a walk with me through the paranormal and unexplained events of my life, live what I lived at valley forge, come experience a satanic kidnapping of a 8 year old child. Stand with me under a 15 story two mile wide v craft ufo. Live the thrill of a real haunted house a trickster who hate people and animals alike a demon with the power to control electronics to get its point across it want to kill you walk with me into the halls of the Esquela house.
Quite and alone I currently live with my girl and two dogs. Former us army - degree in medical admin management - forensics in psychology is currently in progress. I'm a former long term oil refinery worker who got terminally ill and retired then returned to collage. I'm also a former body guard for some of the biggest names in Hollywood this service also included one us president George bush jr during a Seattle visit.
I am a longtime woodsmen and seaman who loves the great northwest home of some of the strangest events I ever experienced.

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Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Yes, At around age 10 I read my first series of books by C.S Lewis known as the Tales of Narnia, I was absolutely blown away by the imagination of this story tell and its stuck with me over 43 years now.
How do you approach cover design?
Truth and reality is my answer I grew up in a world of hate and extreme abuse, to escape I would create far away places in my mind and hide there for what seemed like days and even weeks on end never speaking a word to anyone in reality.
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Machine Made Humans
Walk with me into the unexplained and the paranormal jump into my collection of ragtag tales of the impossible. Ghost haunting demon lizards alien greys a wild collection of real life stories, or are they? You decide, Inspired by my friend Mark Lincoln Miller Hollywood legend Rock Hudson’s right hand the soul inspiration to tell these stories a tribute to his love for Chrome Georges robot story. Charles H Braie, Jr


Medical Nursing Office Administration The 2018 Medical Student Guide to Straight A’s
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Life is a dream, living is hell and fate is found in a place called Valley Forge a lie in disguise a home of worship a place of death. Sheep will hide sheep will play the sheep homed a summer camp named satins place.
The Minuteman Files: Machine Made Humans
Price: $11.99 USD. Words: 59,890. Language: English. Published: December 14, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Urban, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Sci-Fi & fantasy
Science Fiction fantasy stories, Walk with me into the unexplained and the paranormal jump into my collection of ragtag tales of the impossible. Ghost hauntings demon lizards and even alien greys a wild collection of real life situations during my lifetime all the stories are real, or are they? You decide,

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